Spring into Style 2017

Winter is coming to an end. And thank heavens too. While the crisp snow, clear skies and frosty mornings are a joy to behold, sometimes it’s nice to see the back of the colder seasons and look forward to spring. Spring is a beautiful month. The flowers are starting to blossom, the trees begin to have color again, and there is a warm, fresh start to the day. It’s time to shed our winter skin and spring into style for 2017.

Many of us have been draped in layers throughout the winter season. Cozy knitwear, giant scarves, and boots have been the style staples of our wardrobes. As the weather begins to pick up and spring has finally sprung, it’s high time that we decked out our wardrobes with the latest trends for this year. Of course, we can’t quite ditch all of our winter staples just yet, but we can start making our wardrobe more appealing.

There are some seriously cute trends for the spring and summer season. Here are some of my personal favourites:

Think Stripe
The Breton stripe is a wardrobe staple. It’s up there with the white shirt and black blazer for timeless, effortless chic. This season, however, stripes are taking on a new dimension. They are going to be bolder and thicker, and they are going to be brighter in their colors. Usually, striped tee’s are relegated to black, navy, and red. But, for the spring season, bold yellows, zesty orange, and calming turquoise are going to make up the latest, and hottest, sea of stripes. What’s more, vertical stripes are going to play a huge part of this trend. It’s not for the fainthearted, but teaming this with classic skinny jeans is a cool way to embrace this bold, new look.

The Classic Trench
The trench coat rarely goes out of style. Think Burberry macs, and you’re on the right lines. The trench coat has had a 2017 update. The belts are now chunkier, the lapels are longer, and the coat itself is floor sweeping. The trench is now a more androgynous piece of clothing, but it still looks smart and cool.

Knee High Boots
Knee high boots are the ultimate transition footwear from winter to spring. Whether you opt to wear these over disco pants or with a simple knit dress, this trend is one that you can pick up easily without being overly daring. Many people ask how to wear a sweater dress with boots, but it really is simple. Let the boots do the talking and look cozy and chic in an instant. Focus on the footwear rather than the dress. After all, these boots were made for walking.

80s Revival
The end of 2016 saw a massive 1990s revival, with plastic chokers and washed out ‘mum’ style jeans seemingly everywhere. Everyone embraced their inner Rachel Green (from Friends, but you knew that) and looked amazing. It’s time to put the 1990s back in the past. This season, it’s all about embracing your inner 1980s goddess. Think Dynasty, Joan Collins, and jewel tones. Shoulder pads are making a comeback, albeit in a very subtle way. Heavy makeup and big hair, however, is not the key to making this trend work.

Mellow Yellow
Every new season and trend has a seminal color that everyone wants to wear. Last Christmas, it was fiery reds, for spring it’s all about keeping it yellow. The brighter, the better. As you can see, spring 2017 is not about keeping your look understated. It’s all about bright, brash and in your face pieces that make a bold statement. Yellow is a difficult color to pull off, especially canary yellow which can wash some people out. If you’re not brave enough for bright hues, opt for a simple leather handbag in this gorgeous, sunny color to keep on trend without compromising your own style. After all, confidence is always bang on trend.

Bold, Beautiful Florals
Again, it’s all about how bold you can be this season. Ditsy florals are so yesterday. Now, it’s all about big flowers and making a statement. Think tropical flowers in bright tones, and you’ll be on the right lines. Fashion Week showed head to toe florals, but what is on the runway doesn’t always apply to the high street. Opt for a floral bomber jacket and wear with a black vest top and skinny black jeans for an unusual take on this look.

Super Sleek Hair
We can’t talk about fashion and not mention hair! Big curls and bobs have dominated the hair scene for a couple of years now, and it’s safe to say that people are moving on. This year, it’s time to reclaim your flat iron and make your hair super straight and super sleek. Of course, using such hot treatments on your hair can leave it looking brittle and dry so invest in a good quality leave in condition as well as a serum and a shine spray to ensure that your hair is in tip-top shape. This is such an easy trend to adopt too, that anyone can look fashionable overnight with a simple flick of the hot iron.

Remember when slingbacks weren’t hot? It’s time to throw all your misconceptions of slingbacks out of your mind. On the contrary, slingbacks are making a comeback. This time round, they are much more understated (possibly the only trend this season that is) what’s more, they can be worn with every item of clothing you own from dresses to disco pants to skinny jeans. They will soon become a staple in your wardrobe and the hardest working piece that you own. Opt for soft suede slingbacks for a luxurious look. Patent slingbacks end up looking, dare we say, cheap. Going for suede keeps the look fresh and ensures that you don’t cheapen your outfit.

Spring is such an exciting month, and with these trends, there is finally something to look forward to. Bold is the key, but you can play these trends down to fit your own personal as you see fit. What’s more, some straightforward and inexpensive purchases will see you looking on trend in an instant.