Perfecting the Art of Giving Gifts

One of the nicest things that you can do for your fellow human being is to give them a great gift. A great gift has given relationships a needed spark. A great gift has made people feel loved and respected. A great gift has brought joy to many a life!

Gifts are incredibly powerful and utterly intoxicating, and that goes for the giving of gifts as much as it does for the recipient! A bracelet is amazing to receive, but it’s also amazing to give, and that goes for every other gift you can give. It certainly feels good to give.

There are plenty of reasons why gift giving feels good, and that’s because it is perceived as generosity. In biblical and ancient times, gift giving could very well save lives – from weapons, food, and water to carvings and trinkets. Gifts showed respect. What’s more, you’ve felt it when you were a kid! That excitement of waking up on your birthday and tearing at a wrapped gift. Gifts have moved away from those moments of generosity into puzzles of mystery – what’s beneath the wrapping paper isn’t likely going to save a life, but it sure is intriguing! They do say that money won’t buy you access to happiness – but through the giving of gifts, it is certainly doing its hardest! The giving of gifts has always been an important part of many cultures and it still is – it helps us build relationships with those close to us, helps us show respect and it also helps us with a lot of other unique things that depend entirely on the situation. People who give gifts feel an immense amount of satisfaction that one in any normal circumstance will say cannot be bought. Well – this time, it can.

Giving gifts is a special circumstance and it is an art. You have to be creative with gifts as an artist is at her easel and the blank page. That being said, everyone in the entire world has caught on to just how good it feels to give gifts. We know how good it feels and companies know how you feel – that’s why we see spurts of commercials at holiday periods – namely in December and around Valentine’s day. People love to give gifts, and people love to make money from people giving gifts. These big rushes of spending can sweep up even the most frugal of us and that’s a danger. With the splurge comes gifts that lack thought and there might be nothing worse than a gift that lacks thought. The pressure of the purchase can whip us all up into a frenzy, which is why it is so very important to do your research and stick to your guns when it comes to the giving of gifts, especially so in peak times.

Being generous is a big part of what makes us so acutely human. It can make a big difference in the world and while giving a gift to a loved one doesn’t seem like the most generous act of all time at face value – it’s a good thing to do. We said earlier that gift giving is an art, here’s how you can master it.

Like all art, being good at giving gifts takes practice and the best way to practice giving gifts is to just do your research. There is a single person receiving your gift and you need to know that person so that you can buy a gift for them that will put a smile on their face.

Like all art, being good at giving gifts takes practice, and the best way to practice giving gifts is to just do your research. There is a single person receiving your gift, and you need to know that person so that you can buy a gift for them that will put a smile on their face. The internet gives you a lot of scope to do some research because nearly everyone has some sort of standing on social media pages like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. This allows you an insight into the life of the recipient and status updates, tweets and pinned items of interest can tell you a lot about the person you are buying for. Facebook even allows you to see the ‘likes’ of a person meaning you can see exactly what they life if asking is too awkward. This does mean you should still make a big effort to engage with conversation though – just because you are buying a gift doesn’t mean the relationship is founded – it just acts as a strengthening bond. You should always take the initiative to do some physical research. Frankly, we can all stare at screens, but a lot of the work behind gift giving should happen in the real world – otherwise what is the point of it all? Giving gifts isn’t just about making yourself feel good for the sake of it! It’s about knowing someone and cementing that knowledge to grow a relationship.

It is worth mentioning that birthdays and events can jump up out of nowhere and everyone will have to purchase a last minute gift at some point, even if they are a great planner! There are some amazing blogs across the internet that go into huge detail regarding gifts. What’s more, some stores even have gift guides to help inspire you and spark up some gift ideas in your imagination. These should not be relied on because gift giving should be a personal and quite intimate act – it’s not wholesale – it’s just you can be genuinely stuck for ideas. When you are stumped, it is usually because the person you are buying for is the person who seems to have everything. It’s important to stick to what you know when this occurs as you can be caught out if you buy something that doesn’t mean anything. Always try to bring a little knowledge to the act of gift giving as it will help you in more ways than one.

If you really do have to think on your feet, there is plenty you can do. Start with personalized products for an easy and personal win – bottles of beer with the recipient’s name on, custom bobble heads – that type of thing. If the latter seems good, check out some likenessme reviews to see the product before you buy. Checking quality is always good as last minute presents can often be made of bad material. It’s important to nail that last minute gift. If you are really stumped and are a creative type, why not make or create something? This might be a bit odd if you don’t truly know the recipient, but for a loved one it could be something especially special and mean a lot to them.

Gift giving is a personal act and the meaning of the gift should grow with the closeness you feel to the recipient. You might not buy your cousin a vacation, but you might buy your husband a getaway to the vacation destination he has always dreamed of! With gift giving and relations, it really does snowball with how close they are to you!

If they aren’t that close – a boss or a work colleague for example, you won’t need a great deal of knowledge to buy a great gift. They could demonstrate their passion for their favorite local sports team which makes buying a gift for them a damn sight easier, so a scarf for their beloved Orlando City Soccer Club might make their day! They could talk about their love of Spain and the mediterranean, so tapas dishes might be a great thing to buy. This knowledge is freely available in the office, especially by the water cooler. It grows from here.

If your recipient is a family member, you’ll need a bit more knowledge and probably a bit more money! Thankfully it is very easy to learn about family members due to the access we have to them! We know their interests just from our daily connections and interactions.

Finally, direct relatives, children and partners have the highest standing on the gift giving ladder. They need a lot of time and focus because to us – they deserve the best gift. Keep an eye on your daily interactions and look for cues of interest so you can master the art of giving a gift to your close loved ones. This is likely going to be the most useful part of gift giving as these are the people we see the most and deal with the most – thus buying them a good gift will do more for us as the giver and them as the recipient. Research plays a key part here, but you should already have a grasp on knowing your close ones and thus knowing which gift to buy the moment you see it!

Creativity and research are the keys to perfecting the art of gift giving. Money doesn’t matter if you can make! Research is king, though, and knowing things is most of the battle when buying gifts – especially for your loved ones.