Make the Most of a Montserrat Vacation

Montserrat is a Caribbean island and part of a chain of islands in the region known as the Lesser Antilles, located in the British West Indies region. Nicknamed The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, not only does the island bear a strong resemblance to coastal Ireland, but it is also home to many people of Irish descent.

If you are looking for a beautiful, interesting travel destination, which also has plenty of sun, sea, and sand to offer, this is one place that you should really check out, and here are some of the things you can do to make the most of a Montserrat Vacation:

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Style
As you would expect with so many people of Irish descent on the island, St Patrick’s day is a big deal in Montserrat. In fact, the island is the only place outside of island to have made a public holiday out of the celebration. If you time your trip to visit Montserrat on the week of St Patrick’s Day, you will find no end of opportunities to celebrate with the locals, who will also be marking the island’s slave uprising, which took place on 17th March 1768.

Plumb the Depths
Like all Caribbean islands, Montserrat benefits from some of the clearest, bluest, most populated seas on the planet. In fact, it is home to some of the world’s most impressive reefs, which are practically buzzing with coral, exotic fish, sea turtles, and a particular favorite of mine, the wonderful parrotfish. There are lots of dive centers dotted around the island, so you should have no trouble exploring the underwater offerings at your leisure.

Take a Hike
Fasten up your hiking boots and combine exercise with sightseeing on one of the many awe-inspiring hiking trails that Montserrat is so proud of. Particularly good is the Silver Hills trail, which actually takes you by one of the oldest volcanic centers on the island.

Relax at the Oriole Complex
The Oriole Complex is home to some of the most beautiful gardens on Montserrat. If you love lush greenery and beautiful vibrant tropical flowers, you will be heaven as you walk around the complex before stopping off at the pastry barn for some sweet treats you can eat on the lawn.

See an Active Volcano
The Soufrière Hills Volcano is a still active volcano, which is perhaps best known for causing devastation to the island back in 1997. You can get a good look at the volcano from the vantage of a viewing platform located on Jack Boy Hill a safe distance away.

Take a Boat Trip
Like any island, the best way to see Montserrat is by boat. When you’re on-board, you can tour the island in a leisurely way that enables you to take in all the sights and sounds from the Tar River Delta, the seabirds and the stunning landscapes that surround you.

See the vanishing Town
The town of Plymouth is currently buried under a thick layer of ash, and more of it vanishes with each passing year. You should see it before it’s gone completely!