Hair Care for your 20’s

Hair is incredibly important to us twenty-somethings. It is our crowning glory and can really help to enhance our overall look and style. However, even though so many people care about what their hair may look like, they often neglect its overall health. As a result, even though some twenty-something’s hair looks amazing, it actually might not be in that great condition.

So, do you want to improve your hair health? If so, here are some hair care tips you need to start to remember while you are still in your twenties.

Always Moisturize
You might think that moisturizing is only necessary for your face. But, you might be surprised to hear that it is also crucial for hair as well. During your teenage years, you might have noticed that your hair got greasy very easily. As a result, you might have tried to stay away from moisturizing shampoos. But, in your twenties, you will find that your hair starts to dry out and isn’t as oily quite as often. Because of this, you will need to make sure your hair is getting enough moisture. You can get this from moisture-rich shampoo and conditioners.

Always Protect Against Heat
There’s lots of online information about which are the best hair straighteners and curling tongs online, like all the tips and reviews you can read at But are you also clued up about the different heat protection products that you should be using every time you use this kind of equipment that heats up your hair? There are lots of sprays that you can buy which won’t let your hair be damaged or dry out under all that heat. Not only that, but they will also make it a lot easier to style your hair with all that heat.

Don’t Ignore Your Scalp
You will no doubt know which shampoo and conditioner work best for your type of hair. But do you know if they are doing your scalp any good? Improving your scalp health can help you get rid of any dandruff that you have been plagued with recently. Look out for a shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione, as your scalp will lap this up. You can find this in most everyday shampoos and conditioners.

Eat For Better Hair
You will find that there are lots of daily supplements that are, allegedly, really good for your hair health. But rather than taking a tablet every day, you should simply tailor your diet so that you get enough of the right minerals and vitamins that your hair needs. Our hair is made of protein, so a high-protein diet will help to ensure your hair grows quickly and thickly. You should also eat foods that are high in iron, such as leafy greens and red meat. That’s because iron helps to strengthen the hair follicles and roots. Vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids are also great when it comes to healthy hair.

So, get into the habit of using all of these fab tips while you’re still in your twenties!