Engaged? Great – Start Booking!

When you are planning your wedding, the thoughts and things that you have to process on a daily basis can be so overwhelming. In terms of timescale and how long you have to get things done, this of course depends entirely on how long you have to go before your big day. There are, however, some things which will need sorting pretty much as soon as you have agreed to a date before you lose out on getting them altogether.

The Venue
This is probably one of the most important things that you can think about booking. When choosing both a wedding and reception venue, you will need to consider how many people you are going to invite and whole load of other logistical things such as how far the venues are away from each other, whether it’s easy enough for your guests to make the journey to and from them and accommodation for those who want to stay over. Once this is all sorted, the rest should be a doddle, comparatively speaking. Good venues are booked up fast, and some have waiting lists of years for those who can wait that long. If it’s where you had already imagined your dream wedding to take place, then you’ll need to think about picking up the phone as soon as you have decided and making the call to secure it. A deposit will need to be put down to secure it, and after that you’re safe in the knowledge that you can rock up on the day and at the time set and no other bridal party will be there … hopefully.

The Bridesmaids
Not just the bridesmaids, but anybody else who you want involved in your wedding will need to be given more notice than your regular guests. If they were just a regular guest and had something like a holiday booked, they would be more likely to choose the holiday over your special day (Sorry!). However, if they’re given a role to play in your wedding, then they will need a lot of notice to be able to cancel any other plans that they may have made.

The Photographer
Just like venues, a good photographer will get snapped up fast (excuse the pun). Have a flick through a couple of portfolios of different ones and see which style suits you the best; every photographer has their own way of doing things, uses different lenses and filters when editing and has their own view of where they need to stand to get a shot. Some may be in your face and ask you to pose while others may hover around in the background waiting to get a natural shot – there are some who do both of these things. Pick one that you feel you and your guests will be the most comfortable with and give the best results and put down a deposit to secure them. The photos are meant to be pure captured moments of your day – you only want the best.