Will Your Man Propose This Year?

You’ve been dreaming of your big day since you were a little girl, but it hasn’t happened yet. If only there was some sort of crystal ball that could tell you if 2017 is going to be the year that you will tie the knot… We don’t have one here, but we do have a handy checklist that should give you a good idea if marriage is on the cards for you this year…

You and Your Man are Best Friends
You’ve passed the craziness of when you first started dating, and have settled into a real relationship in which you genuinely love each other’s company. When something funny happens at work, you can’t wait to laugh with him about it. When one of you is having a hard day, the other is kind and supportive. You have your own little ‘traditions’, like cuddling up with pizza and a movie on a Friday night, or taking a walk at your favourite park every Sunday afternoon.

You both Still Have your Independence
No matter how compatible you are, being able to spend time apart is a sign of a healthy relationship that will likely go the distance, and probably result in marriage. If he likes the occasional night out with the guys, you don’t get all freaked out and just do your own thing, that’s a good sign. You don’t have to ask each other to spend time together, it just happens naturally – and when it doesn’t, you’re both ok with that.

You Talk about the Future
If the mere mention of the long term makes him retreat into a ball game and a bottle of beer – 2017 probably isn’t going to be the year that you are presented with an engagement rings. However, if he talks about where you might live in the long term, and mentions that you’d make beautiful babies together – there is probably a sparkler on the cards for you this year.

You have a Good Relationship with his Family
No man introduces a girl to his family if he isn’t already quite serious about her. If you’ve passed the initial meet and greet test, and moved on to actually being friends with his mom, sister, dad or brother, or even the whole lot of them – you’ve cemented your place in his family, and he’s probably started to think about how he might propose. If his family really like you, they might even help to give your guy a little nudge so that he doesn’t delay in asking the big question!

He looks After you When you’re Sick
Let’s face it, no one is attractive when they have the flu or one of those horrible vomiting bugs. If he’s prepared to love and care for you when you’re at your worst – your man is in it for the long haul. Seeing you vulnerable might even spur him on to propose, as that manly instinct to protect you kicks in!

There’s no guarantee he will propose to you in 2017 – but he’s ticked all these boxes, your chances are pretty good! If he does, read this about how to stay calm when your big day finally arrives.