Whatever Suits You

As girls, we all love to be pampered. When our partner does something nice for us, it can be hard to think of what to do or give that will be a nice and/or appropriate gift in reciprocation. Social media, friends and even family set standards of what to expect from them to show that they love you; flowers, meals out, even spa days and holidays if you’re lucky. But are these gender-specific? What can we do without uttering words to say “I love you”?

DIY a Present
Everybody loves a homemade gift. The thought that goes into it, the time spent on it and the determination and love that pours through it is something that money simply cannot buy. If you ask your mother what the best gift you ever gave her was, she will probably find a picture you drew or a silly thing you put together when you were a child – the sentimental value will reside a lot longer than the cost of something expensive. You could put together a photo album, make a classic mixtape (or Spotify playlist as it probably is now…) or a voucher booklet for free days out, massages and drinks made. Be as creative as you wish!

Tailored to Suit
This isn’t a cheap option, but will certainly be one that will last a good while and be remembered for far longer. Having a suit tailor-made for your beau can only mean good things; more excuses to wear it out meaning more dates, and a very happy partner who will be thrilled at owning a piece of clothing that was made especially for them. Search for one online, such as Carl Nave Made to Measure Suits, and book in to have measurements taken as soon as you are both free.

Even if you Hate It
There are some things between couples that are polar opposites. That’s almost some of the attraction – if you were completely the same as somebody, you would find each other boring over time. After all, variety is the spice of life, and taking yourself out of your comfort zone on to spend some quality time together is a lovely thing to do; imagine if someone were to do the same for you. It could be that your partner dedicates a lot of hours to playing games on their console, whereas you can think of nothing worse to be doing with your spare time. Bite the bullet and offer to be their Player 2; you never know, you might actually find that this is a common interest that you have never previously explored. Overcoming stubbornness can be a hard thing to do, but it will be worth it when you see their face light up over their (second, beneath you … obviously) main interest being explored.

Whatever you choose to do, as long as it comes from the heart it will be appreciated. It may not be that you have to do anything to show you appreciate him; actions speak louder than words, but a gift doesn’t have to be the ultimate thing to give. Just spending a bit more time together can show that you care.