Top Beauty Treaments For Some Self Indulgent Pampering

Everyone deserves a day to themselves where they can truly relax and not lift a finger. Once in awhile, it’s nice to look after number one and indulge in a full day of luxury and pampering. Here are a few ideas to try out!

Book a Spa Day
There’s a reason why spa days are so popular. They are the ultimate way to relax, treat yourself and enjoy some self indulgent down time. An all over swedish body massage is a truly heavenly experience that will leave you feeling like you’re floating for the rest of the day. Or why not get a deep cleanse stimulating facial treatment, to revive your skin and have it glowing again. There are so many treatments to choose from. Book yourself in with a friend or partner, and have a detoxifying day of leisure and wellness.

Get a Manicure and Pedicure
It’s funny how the little things like perfectly manicured nails that can really help to lift our mood. Plus it’s nice to give our hands and feet some extra attention now and then. Nowadays there are so many options available in salons, from gel manicures to nail art. You can experiment with different themes and trends. It’s also a fun way to express your inner style. Take a friend with you and help each other pick out colors and designs you think would suit them.

DIY Home Treatments
Home-made treatments are a great way to beautify yourself naturally and affordably. There are so many different concoctions you can create, from face masks to organic lip scrubs. Have fun experimenting with different ingredients rich in essential oils and nutrients. Cucumbers, avocado, lemon and honey are excellent for replenishing the skin and clearing acne. Homemade treatments are great for adding moisture and most importantly, they’re free of unnatural chemicals.

Go For a Mini Makeover
Mini makeovers are ideal for girls who want to experiment with their image. An in-store beauty technician will be able to give you advice on flattering colors and expert techniques to take home with you. Mini makeovers are also great if you’ve got a big night out planned and you want to look your best. Maybe you want to play with different hairstyles or go for a new color. Visit a local salon for advice, or look online for inspiration and guidance.

H20 is the key to healthy glowing skin. Adding a slice of lemon or lime will help you get those extra nutrients, while adding a refreshing touch. A fruit infusing water bottle is a great investment. Keep it in your fridge and get mixing to find your favorite blends. Strawberries and cucumbers are ideal for revitalising your skin and adding a splash of flavor. Herbal infusion teas are another great way to detoxify and destress. Find your special blend from floral teas to fruit brews. There are many tea specialists online if you’re not sure about where to start.