Life Goals: Going East

Taking a break from everyday life means staying pretty local for most people. Seaside towns always offer resorts to head to for a mini break and cities offer exciting hotel deals. But if you want to truly take a break from work, life, home and all the stress that comes with it, why not go further afield? The world is a truly wonderful place and with so many different places to explore, it makes sense to spread your wings and go somewhere you’ve never been before. Trek the unchartered terrain and lounge on beaches with white sugar sand and waves bigger than you are. Doing something different allows you to create memories you never dreamed you had.

If you’re going to go on a big adventure, why not go East? Instead of hitting Europe or the USA, head to the home of the rising sun and ramble through Japan and China. Taste authentic stir fry crabs dripping in ginger and spring onion in Beijing. Sample sumptuous tempura and udon in Tokyo. Sweet tooth? Order fantastic Singaporean cheesecakes with The world is your oyster and you can throw back your head and swallow it whole if you are feeling adventurous enough. You can take a walking holiday through Taman Negara – one of the oldest rainforests on earth – where you can experience life in the jungle. Trek through the hills of Chiang Mai in Thailand for an authentic Bangkok experience.

It doesn’t have to be a holiday of exhaustive hikes and walks, when there are the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Shanghai to behold. Experience the climb up the Petronas Tower in Malaysia and view the world with a birds eye, looking down on everything and feeling like you’re in the clouds. The cities of South East Asia are vibrant and buzzing and can be easily slotted into any holiday itinerary. You can enjoy street markets filled with noise, smells and sounds of another land and get a proper, hands-on experience of the culture there is on offer. There are river cruises that allow you to discover a way of life that has been unchanged for centuries. With fantastic scenery and exciting on-shore excursions, you’ll be able to go home filled with the history of the Yangtze River in China, or the Irrawaddy in Sagaing Hills.

Not into noisy cities? How about the beach? With blindingly white sands that seem utterly endless and lazy cerulean waters, the beaches you’ll find are some of the most luxurious in the world. Thailand, Bali and Malaysia should be on your list of must-do’s. Take time away from the slog of the office to sip cocktails and enjoy those novels you never get around to at home. Experience life below the water and watch the wildlife frolic in their home.

There are life goals and bucket lists that are endless, and instead of watching them pass you by, grab it with both hands. We’re not around forever – create those memories and walk those paths. You’ll never regret it.