Keep Your Hair On!

We are all guilty of it! Looking through magazines and seeing the most wonderful hair styles and thinking, that would just look great on me! But do we really consider the practicalities that go into making such a style successful? It can be easy to think that all you need is a good cut and you’re set. But that is only really half the story. So read on to find out about the other half. How to match your hairstyle to its type.

Are one of use people that look longingly at the chin length bob full of curls, but you have super straight hair? Then you might just be barking up the wrong tree. Just because a style is in fashion at the moment doesn’t mean that it is the best for our type of hair. In particular, the texture of our hair has a lot to do with what types will be successful or not.

For example, those with very straight hair can get their hair permed. Which entails a chemical process of breaking the hair down around fixed rollers to give it that curl. But it going to take a lot of maintaining to keep it looking like that.

So, don’t expect perfect ringlets whenever you get out of bed in the morning! As without regular treatments and the use of curling tongs you are going to left with a frizzy mess! That is why it is so much better to go with something that works with your natural texture if you can.

The thickness of the hair is also an important factor when you are deciding what style to go for. Thickness can be a confusing term, though, as it can relate to how big the follicles are, or how much hair you have to grow from your scalp.

For example, Asian hair tends to be thick in term of the follicle diameter. This can make keeping it, in a style with movement and texture difficult, especially if you suffer from split ends.

To get around this, research the best tricks to get more movement into your style, such as these Asian hairstyles and balayage ideas. Remember it’s not only the cut that creates movement but a clever use of colour as well.

How Fast it Grows
Another factor that you must consider when you go to get your haircut is how fast is grows. It’s no good having a short choppy style is your hair grows so fast that you will need to get it cut every two weeks for it to look decent. This just isn’t practical unless you work in hair salon yourself because it will cost too much money!

Lastly, you really need to consider the health of your hair before you get it restyled. This can work either way, as sometimes having a new cut can remove all of the split ends, making your do look a lot healthier. However, it is important to take stock of the health of your hair before getting treatments like bleaches and perms. As these can damage already fragile hair, and cause it to look much worse. Yes, you can use hydrating and conditioning products to help, but it is a much better idea to no go for too strong a treatment in the first place.