Handbag Heroes

Shoes and handbags, two things you can probably never have enough of. Problem is we don’t all have the space, or the budget, to keep one for every outfit we own. So you need to think smart.

We know the rules with shoes. A sky high heel, a thigh high boot, biker boots, tennis show and the reliable ballet pump. If you have these in your collection then you are pretty much ready for every occasion. Handbags though? Well they can be a little more tricky.

Let’s start with the daily warrior. A classic black number with enough room to keep all your essentials, and nonessentials. Black is the colour for this as it can take all the knocks and bumps, plus hides a multitude of sins, it will also work with every outfit you own, whilst it probably won’t have the fashionistas talking about you, it certainly won’t ever let you down.

As a little twist for when we break into spring, you also need a tan or camel coloured classic. This helps lighten up your look when you want to spring into a white shirt dress and blend in with the seasons jet setters. Go with a three pocket design and look for a nice bold detail on the buckles. It’s wise to have a longer strap as you will be swinging this accessory around all day.

A smart weekend tote is the next smart investment but you can shy away from leather if you like. A deep compartment will give you plenty of room for any picnics or on the spot purchases you might need to carry around. It is useful to go for something which can double up as a rucksack like the one we featured here from American Eagle Outfitters

Going alternative, there are occasions when you need to be hands free. Opting for a Boho fanny pack will give you all the storage you need for the essentials whilst allowing you the freedom to be a little more active. Perfect for hitting the theme park or getting a little more active with your kids.

The weekender is a little different to the weekend tote. This is a bag designed to double up as a stayaway hero. The Le Pliage bag is inspired by the Japanese art of origami and is fantastic as when you aren’t using it, you can fold it in on itself and it becomes the tiniest little thing. However don’t be fooled by that, you can pack enough for a week in this thing if you are savvy.

Finally, every girl needs a statement clutch bag for nights out. Clutch bags are a little annoying because you have to hold them or put them down. Which isn’t ideal. However for a night out where you need a few essentials (lipstick, phone, wallet) they are a great alternative to a handbag. Go for something bold to add a little drama to your outfit.

That’s it. The simple guide to the essential handbag collection. We’ll leave you to worry about where you are going to keep them all.