5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Morocco for Your Next Vacation

The beautiful and vibrant country of Morocco has so much to offer across all aspects of travel. It truly is a land like no other – from the diverse cultures to the great cuisines and majestic palaces. Morocco is what you make it, whether you see it as an explorative city break, or a typical beach holiday. Here, we give you five reasons why this North African treasure is the perfect place for some unforgettable summer adventures.

The Culture
Immerse yourself in Morocco’s steep history. Take a day to visit one of the many impressive palaces, churches, mosques and museums. Marrakech, Fez, Rabat and Meknes are where you’ll want to go for some truly inspirational sights. Not only is Fez where the famous hat came from, but it’s also a car free city – a breath of fresh air for tourists. Morocco’s Blue Town in the Rif mountains is also a must see. Here you’ll find leather and weaving workshops producing beautiful handmade textiles.

The Hotels
When choosing a villa to rent in Morocco, you’ll find incredible art deco and marble covered interiors in a lot of the country’s top accommodations. When it comes to luxury living, Morocco has great value for money and the hotels are an oasis of tranquility. Choose from romantic hotels to boutique hotels, depending on what kind of vacation you want.

The Food
Moroccan food is a delight to the senses. It is a place renowned for flavorsome dishes that are rich in herbs and spices. A trip to a local spice market is the best way to experience the local flavors. Popular moroccan foods include couscous, lamb, stews and chickpeas. In terms of traditional drinks, you can’t leave Morocco without sampling the country’s famous mint tea. It’s served with most food and is the perfect way to refresh after mealtimes.

The Shopping
Marrakech is the ideal place when it comes to market (or souk) shopping. In every city you’ll find a throng of market stalls selling food, clothing, textiles and more. For those who love authentic goods and exotic smells, it’s easy to lose yourself in the overwhelming experience of a moroccan market. If it’s luxury you want however, then a trip to Casablanca is perfect for you. In Casablanca you’ll find banks and high quality clothing stores with leisurely shopping facilities. If bohemian and hand-crafted designs are what you want, then Marrakech has plenty to offer.

The Desert
Morocco is situated in the Sahara Desert – a sandy oasis of a truly breathtaking scale. Take the opportunity to try a guided camel adventure, and trek across picturesque sand dunes and landscapes. If a camel ride is not really for you, then perhaps a thrill chasing quad bike session might be more your thing. From the desert horizon you’ll be able to witness dazzling sunsets, perfect for romantic evenings and balmy, lazy summer nights. In terms of which sand dunes to visit, choose from the Saharan Ergs, Erg Chebi, or Erg Chigaga.