Will You Marry… Anywhere? Tips To Pick The Perfect Location For Your Wedding

Has he finally proposed and you said yes? Congratulations! Now is the start of a stressful time for you, as you will need to plan your wedding day. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips around, especially if you are looking for inspirations when it comes to your wedding locations. After all, this is a day of romance, so why shouldn’t you go wild? But, sometimes there are simply too many options to choose from. This little step by step guide will help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel of preparations!

Practical Questions To Clarify First
Before you start discussing where to get married and where you should spend your honeymoon, you should start with the big money questions: How much your wedding might cost, and more importantly how you can save to afford it. Most common ways to reduce the cost of your wedding, and specifically the costs related to the administration and the catering, focus on becoming a thorough project manager. See your wedding as a big project and start planning everything. You will need to book a date early, up to 18 months in advance if you can, as this leaves you a lot of room for preparing for the big day. What will influence the costs of your wedding are a series of factors, such as: the number of guests that you have invited and how many of them are coming, and whether you have chosen a peak season such as high summer for example. Saving money means that you can afford a vast range of locations to choose from. Additionally, as you are starting with planning and preparations, it is important to sit down and discuss your ideas with your partner. After all, it’s not going to be your big day only, it is his as well. So, be a modern bride, and get him involved in the process as he might have a lot of inspiration and ideas for where he wants the big day to be held. Below are listed the two most common types of weddings and how they can influence the location.

Romantic & Princess-Like Weddings
Romantic weddings, with a large meringue-like bridal dress, are by far a favorite for all brides since the beginning of times. Secretly, every woman dreams of becoming a princess, at least for a day! So choosing this type of weddings will influence the location you can pick for the big day. Indeed, there is little point wearing a magnificent dress if you are planning to book the local social club for your wedding party. A romantic wedding calls for an equally romantic location, such as Chateau Polonez and their Houston chateau which gives your wedding all the luxury and royal magnificence that you have been dreaming of. Depending on your wedding budget, you can even look at locations abroad, as Europe is famous for its beautiful chateaux.

Themed Weddings For A Fun Day
Themed weddings have become a trend in the past years and they cover everything from Harry Potter to vintage styles. Be careful to discuss it at length with your partner, as this type of weddings requires a lot of preparation. However, they are quite fun to hold, and often you will find locations that are set of serving specific themes and can, therefore, make your planning a lot easier and smoother.