Wave Goodbye To Boring Wedding Catering With These Quirky Ideas

One part of our wedding day that is often overlooked when planning is the food and drink. It is usually seen as a necessity rather than a beneficial addition to to the day – your guests have to eat, therefore you have to provide some food. But have you ever considered making the ‘wedding breakfast’ (as it is known as) a much bigger part of your day? Wedding food has been notoriously bad for decades, but it doesn’t actually need to be this way. The catering market has boomed recently, with new contemporary companies bringing innovative food and drink to the masses. Your wedding meal shouldn’t be simply glossed over – it can be a chance to enjoy some genuinely good food with you guests. Here are some of the best wedding food and drink trends you – yes, you – could bring to your big day.

Food Trucks
If you’ve ever been to a festival before, you will know that there are plenty of food options from roaming caterers. These businesses work out of food trucks or tents, often producing quality food from many different cuisines. If you would like your guests to have a bit of choice, why not get a few different caterers to come down and service your wedding, as though it was a festival? You can bring flavors from all across the globe to your guests – from Mexican burritos, to Italian pasta pots and even Jamaican curries.

Alternative Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is traditionally one of the most important parts of the wedding, and can also be one of the priciest parts of your day. Yep, you wouldn’t think it – but amazingly, a fancy cake can cost you in excess of $400! It’s no surprise then, that people are shunning the traditional wedding cake in favor of something a little different. Many couples choose to have individual cupcakes made instead – then just stack them like a cake. These are also easier to distribute to guests at the end of the day. Or, if you’re not really a fan of the sweet stuff, why not go fully alternative and have yourself a Cheese Wedding Cake?

Signature Drinks
If you’ve ever attended a wedding as a guest, you will know that by far one of the best parts of the day is the free bar. Your guests will, for the most part, be expecting you to feed and water them for free, so it only makes sense to have the option of some decent tipple on offer. If you want to spice things up a bit, however, don’t just open a regular bar and hope for the best. Consider inventing a signature wedding cocktail, designed by yours truly. Or, make various different fruit punches and put them in dispensers around the reception venue – this saves all your guests queuing at the same bar, too. Also make sure you have a good option available for your guests who don’t drink alcohol – a soda bar is a fun way to offer an interesting alternative rather than them just sipping water all night.