Unique Wedding Ideas For the Untraditonal Bride

While much of your wedding will be based on tradition- from your white dress to the exchanging of wedding rings, not everything has to be ‘by the book.’ Your wedding is your big day, a chance to celebrate the relationship between you and your partner. And when each and every one of us, and every relationship is different it makes sense that each wedding would be different too

Arrive At The Church In Style
A horse and carriage, a classic car or even a swish executive car are all great, traditional ways to get to the church. But how about doing something a little different? If you’re having a farmhouse wedding, you could roll up in a tractor decorated with ribbons in your wedding colors. You could hire a wedding bus, these are standard double decker buses. But of course are all kitted out to look stunning for a wedding (and you won’t have to sit at the bus stop in the rain while you wait like you would with an ordinary bus!) If you’re getting married abroad you could even turn up in an elephant which would be an unforgettable entrance. Either way, there are a lot of different options for showing up to the church, and this is one way you could personalize your wedding.

Take Some Unique Photos
You will of course want to have professional photos of your big day taken. These are what will be filling your photo frames and your wedding album, and are a way to look back on the memories of your wedding in years to come. But there’s also a much more lighted and casual side to your wedding reception too, after all- weddings are fun! You could hire a photo booth so guests can take funny pictures of themselves with different props. You could come up with an Instagram hashtag so guests can share the photos they take on their phones. Another fun addition to the day could be to have custom filters for Snapchat designed. It will keep guests amused, and you can capture some incredible unique pictures and videos which are sure to put a smile on your face when you look through them.

Have Custom Wedding Rings Made
There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful set of rings bought ready-made from a store or a jeweler. But if you want to go a step further or have something particularly unique in mind, you could go down the custom wedding rings route. Here you get full control of the exact look of the finished product and can have his, and hers rings made in the same style. If you have an unusual engagement ring and want an exact fit around it, this is also a good choice. There are sites online where you can design your perfect rings and have them made, or you can find a local jeweler specializing in custom designs. Either way, it’s an added personal touch!

Personalize Your Playlist
After the ceremony when the drinks are flowing, your choice of music is important to get everyone up dancing! When you send out your RSVPs early on in the wedding planning process, you could ask everyone to send you a couple of song requests. When you book your DJ be sure to pass the list over so that they can be played on the night. Everyone gets to hear a song or two they love and it’s bound to get the party really started!

Create a Cocktail Station
To thank your guests for attending your big day, you could provide them with free drinks! One of the ways you could do this is by purchasing some large glass drinks dispensers and filling them up with different cocktails. Fill the dispensers with fruit, herbs and even edible flowers which will look really pretty. You could set up a little station with cocktail glasses and a variety of garnishes on the side so guests can help themselves. It will be a lot cheaper than paying for a free bar. You could fill one with juice and soft drinks to create a ‘mocktail’ for kids and non-drinkers, so no-one is left out. Get some cute chalkboard labels and write what’s in each dispenser so that everyone knows what they’re drinking!

Have Fun With Your Wedding Cake
There are so many creative bakers out there these days, you can really have fun with your wedding cake. You could go with something entirely novel, or choose a tower of cupcakes or macarons instead of a traditional wedding cake. If you’re less interested in sweet things, you could have a tower of cheese wheels put together as a wedding cake instead! It will get people talking, and is an excellent way to personalise the day to your tastes.