Tremblant At The Knees: Things To Do On A Luxury Winter Break

When you are booking your luxury holiday of the year, you get to make choices that give you something you don’t get to have during everyday life and that is precisely why people love to go on holiday. Most people love to flock somewhere warmer when they think of going away, but what about the many places in the world that aren’t particularly hot? They are not to be overlooked, especially if you are a fan of luxury!

Going on holiday during the winter months is becoming more popular as years go on. We all love to talk about being bikini body ready for the summer months, but preparing for a winter break is a whole different ball game. You could be missing out on the peak Christmas times – as well as the peak Christmas prices – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a few other winter months that can make your holiday sparkle. Winter holidays have a certain charm that suits not only families, but couples on a break to just enjoy each other. There’s something so exquisite about a hidden week away in the mountains in cosy warmth while it’s teeming with snow outside. It’s magical, to say the least!

Most winter resorts offer luxury and come with a luxury price tag – and for good reason. Winter breaks usually hover around skiing, snowboarding and hot tubs in the snow and none of these things can be considered anything less than luxurious! Accommodation like the Mont Tremblant Hotels offer an extraordinary service, most of which is tailored to the guest arriving and why wouldn’t you want that? There is plenty to do on a holiday in the mountains and if you aren’t the biggest fan of sliding down the mountains on skis, or extreme snowboarding isn’t for you, never fear!

When you go abroad in the summer, most of the activities are assumed as outdoor and on the beach or in the ocean. Vast oceans filled with fish you can stare at through snorkels, long white-sugar beaches just waiting for you to sink your toes into and good food oozing with flavour. These things are a given when you book to go to a summer resort. But what about winter resorts? What do these have to offer? There’s always something out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding it. In this guide, we’ve detailed for you some of the activities you can expect to partake in when you choose a winter break away from the rat race.

Winter Sports
Those who choose to holiday in the snow rather than the sun are usually drawn by the brightness of the snow, the purity of the landscape, and the sheer thrill of rocketing down a mountain on little more than a set of wooden planks. Skiing and snowboarding are exhilarating, thrilling and such a workout that being pulled up a mountain in a ski lift can become quite addictive. Most mountain resorts not only offer lift tickets and winter passes for its guests, but you can take your time learning how to safely ski down a mountain by booking a set of lessons while you’re away. It’s a skill you’re very unlikely to acquire where you usually live and it does wonders for your health. You’re breathing a different air, taking in different, breath-taking scenery and feeling that overwhelming happiness when you make it down the slopes in one piece. It’s not an activity you would want to miss.

You’d never know it, but a lot of mountain resorts have designated greens for the avid golf player. In a place like Tremblant, golf is a game that lets you take your game to a much higher level. With packages on offer with resorts that give you the most for your money, you won’t be disappointed with the level of golfing on offer. Even if you are a novice to this sport, there are golfing academies to get involved in so you can impress on the fairway. It gives you a break from the skiing – which can be a killer on the muscles – and it gives you a chance to learn a new skill.

A big draw for people going away on holiday is the food. In Canada, and Tremblant especially, fine food is a given as much as it is an art. French cuisine isn’t the only thing on offer with restaurants offering the most delicately prepared sushi, authentic Italian dishes and homemade gelato that’ll get your taste buds tingling. For the foodies out there, there are a plethora of restaurants to discover and with all the skiing and golfing you’ll be getting involved with, you’ll love the dining options on offer. Toast marshmallows over an open fire and experience s’mores for the first time if you haven’t already.

Swimming at the Aqua Club, rock climbing, touring the Alpines on a set of skis: all these things are on offer when you choose to have a winter break in the mountains. You can even go on mini cruises on Lac Tremblant and enjoy a ride on the water with the whole family. Take the kids canoeing and biking through the woods to get them closer to nature. Enjoy shows with large birds of prey and even go dog sledging. The choices really can feel limitless, even at an altitude!

Your winter holiday can be packed full of things to do, places to see and food to eat it’s just a matter of planning. Luxury winter holidays are always within reach and if you are a sports enthusiast, you’ll wonder why you haven’t visited before. Bring the kids, bring the entire family and just enjoy what the mountains have to offer you all while you can. The summer holidays may be magnetic for their warmth and swimming opportunities, but until you’ve donned a pair of sunglasses and made your way down the slopes on a crystal clear, blue-sky day, you’ve just not lived. Go and live.