The Definitive Guide To Doing Weddings As A Guest

It’s such a privilege to be invited to someone’s wedding: not only do you get to share in the love of people you care about, it’s a great opportunity to let your hair down and have a great time! The only thing is, weddings are usually quite traditional occasions, so you need to be careful to avoid offending anyone by ignoring the rules of etiquette. Here’s how to make sure you don’t end up like an extra from Bridesmaids…

1. Be our guest says the invitation that has fluttered through your letterbox. But don’t be fooled by all that impressive calligraphy and those pretty specks of glitter: you actually need to read the details. If your invitation doesn’t specifically state that you may bring a guest, it is a major faux pas to assume that it’s ok to bring that guy you met last Saturday night (or anyone else for that matter). People spend huge amounts of time and money getting all the details of a wedding just right, and they will not take kindly to you rocking up with someone who was not invited.

2. Don’t be tardy about letting your hosts know that you will be attending the wedding. You won’t make any friends by leaving the RSVP to the last minute, as I discovered when a friend texted to ask whether I’d made my mind up or not – awkward, to say the least!

3. Take your time with the gift. Many couples opt to have a register, and you don’t want to end up heading to the store the day before to find the only thing left is going to cost you your rent for the next few months! If the happy couple doesn’t have a register, talk to them about what they would like, and try to make your present special for them as individuals. Alternatively, they might have chosen other gift options like these. Your gift should show that you really care, rather than just seeing the event as one great free party!

4. Show up at the right time – The bride is entitled to keep everyone waiting, you are not! Apart from the fact that it would disrupt the wedding if you shuffle in after the ceremony has started, the prospect of toe curling embarrassment should be motivation enough!

5. Dress to impress by getting your outfit organised in advance. For ideas on how to look super stylish with a sophisticated edge, have a look at

6. Don’t be that girl – turn your phone off, or better yet, don’t even bring it with you. Some couples specifically request that guests don’t carry phones to their wedding, not least because they believe it trivialises the proceedings. Find out why on this page.

If you’re ever unsure about wedding guest etiquette, just apply good manners and common sense. Now you can get on with enjoying yourself, and making the most of being part of something really special – a fabulous excuse to party like you’ve never partied before!

  • Very nice tips at the end of the day it will all boil down to respect since the couple who will wed put so much effort to it and they want the guests to be part of it. :)

    Style Reader