Sweeten Up Your Big Day With A Wow-Factor Wedding Cake

Planning your wedding can be hard. You have so many different things to think about at once, when all you want to do is get married to the love of your life. If you’re in over your head and everything’s too much, take a step back and work on a thing that wows. Forever floral displays and wedding favours and move on to something fun, like your wedding cake.

You don’t have to be the biggest sweet tooth to enjoy an incredible piece of cake. But, if you always skip to dessert, this could be the one area of wedding planning that you enjoy the most. So, instead of sticking to a traditional fruit cake, or a standard crowdpleaser, why not do something different and stun your guests with the surprise.

A Show Stopper
If you want to wow, you need to think big. Actually, you’ll probably want to think big, brash and bold, but beautiful at the same time! A shop stopper wedding cake will definitely get your guests’ attention, and you can design it taste as sweet as you like. To find a cake that looks as good as it tastes, you’re going to need to head online and find a bakery near you. Sites like http://www.allcakeprices.com/ have a directory online to help you decide.

Maybe you’re not a fan of cake, but you do love chocolate! If that’s the case, then scrap the idea of anything traditional and treat your tastebuds to the finest cocoa you can find. You might want something outstandingly decadent and covered in chocolate, or to create incredible individual pieces that melt in your mouth, truffle style. Either way, you cake will be anything but boring.

All White Everything
If you’re having an all white wedding, you might want your cake to look the part too. A traditional design has got the right idea, but the fruit style sponge inside bucks the trend. Instead, ask for all white everything. From the decoration and the ribbons to the icing and the sponge, blanc everything out and go for an elegant, fresh approach to your wedding’s sweet treat.

The Perfect Pudding
Cake isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s okay – just because a wedding cake is a classic, it doesn’t mean you can’t give it a modern twist. If you still love your sweet treats and want to offer a little slice of sugary heaven to your guests, why not choose something dessert based instead? If you’re getting married abroad, you might even opt for a pudding that’s relative to the nation you’re in, like a tiramisu or croissant inspired wedding cake.

Say Cheese
Or maybe you’re so over the idea of a wedding cake. If you’ve tried a couple and you’re still not sold, why not go with something completely different. A cheese cake could be just what you’re looking for. And no, not a cheesecake, but a cake made out of layers of cheese! You could even serve chutneys and bread for your guests to enjoy – just head to Pinterest to see how it’s done – https://uk.pinterest.com/explore/cheese-wedding-cakes/.