Save Your Wedding Guests Money By Putting A Plan In Place For Gifts

Once you start your wedding plans, you’ll realize there’s a lot more to consider than you first thought. The planning stages can be stressful as the extent of what you need to do becomes apparent. One thing you might not have considered is making plans for your wedding gifts. While this is a step you could skip, it’s worth putting some thought in to save your guests wasting their money. If you and your partner already live together, you’ll already own most of what people would buy. There are only so many slow cookers and blenders one couple needs! To make things easier for you and your guests, you could specify certain gifts. This is becoming a more common thing, so don’t feel bad for being specific. It’ll make your guest’s lives a lot easier. Here are some ideas about what you could do.

Wedding Registry
A wedding registry is a wishlist of presents. Companies offer a service that allows you to pick out the gifts you’d like. This list is made available to anyone attending so they can ensure their gift is one you want. As you’re doing this to save your guests from wasting their money, stay sensible as you look at options. Don’t add things to your list that you don’t need. Not only will this be a waste of money, but it’ll also leave your house cluttered! Pick only things you know you really need, or that you would buy for yourself. If you do this through a company, you could even make it so that items are crossed off the list as people buy them. That way, you can ensure no one buys the same item!

Ask for Money
Asking for money may feel cheeky, but it’s becoming increasingly common. Send out a small note in your invites to say that you won’t be taking gifts, but any money would be appreciated. Again, this saves your guests from having to worry. If you feel awkward about asking, make it clear that you don’t expect the money. Any money you do get from guests can help pay back some of what you’ve spent on the wedding itself. You could even put the cash towards a honeymoon. That way, your guests will feel like they’ve made your marriage that bit more special. Remembering how much the day has cost, and how much each person’s meal costs will make you feel better about receiving money.

Specify No Gifts
If you want to save all hassle, specify on the invitation that the guest’s company is all you need. If you have everything you need for your home and have already paid for your honeymoon, there’s no reason your guests should give anything. Of course, many guests will still feel the need to get you a gift. That’s up to them. Even so, you can decrease the amount of money spent on gifts this way. People will appreciate your honesty. You’ll be able to rest easy they didn’t feel obliged!