Love The Skin You’re In: Best Beauty Products For Sensitive Faces

When the girls in the office start raving about a new beauty product, your friends drag you into the drugstore to have fun experimenting with samples, or your boyfriend’s mother presses a lotion into your hands do you try so hard not to wince that you forget to smile? For those of us with sensitive, oily or dry skin the everlasting search to find products that don’t break us out, cause blotchy patches of pink appear or make our face feel greasy is no laughing matter. Sensitive skin is defined by if you suffer from rosacea, your face feels inflamed and stings when you use a certain product that has fragrance in, or it flares up when it comes into contact with any irritating chemicals or exfoliants.

Simple Face Wipes
Not strictly a skin care product but the simple skincare range offers those with dry, oily or skin that’s prone to breakouts a lifeline. These soft 100% chemical free face wipes will help to keep any spots from forming, don’t contain any irritants that can make your face puff up or your eyes feel swollen and are completely fragrance free. If that wasn’t enough they also contain a fantastic formula that includes hydrating glycerin which means your skin feels fresh, dewy and hydrated all day long without that nesting stinging sensation other face wipes can produce. For the best chances of clear, blemish free skin establish a thorough daily skin care routine that cleanses, so washes away any impurities and dirt, tones, which tightens up pores and helps fight the appearance of spots and moisturises which treats the skin to some of the nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Neutrogena Sensitive Suncream
One of the best ways to look after your skin is to give it plenty of vitamin D which means soaking up some good old fashioned sunshine. However, for those who are more sensitive a really, really good suncream is an absolute necessity. Neutrogena’s 60 SPF suncream not only lasts for up to eighty minutes once applied it contains only naturally sourced ingredients, and is also completely fragrance free as well as being water resistant. It’ll protect you from the sun’s harmful rays as well as being fully hypo-allergenic which is great for allergy sufferers. Top up your suncream regularly, invest in a stylish wide brimmed hat and a cute kaftan as well as some earrings for sensitive skin, which won’t rust, and you’re ready to hit the beach!

Burt’s Bees Eye Cream
The skin around our eyes is often some of the softest and most sensitive so it’s important to keep it feeling soft, smooth and well looked after. One of the most prominent names in the skincare industry are Burt’s Bees who produce an entire array of natural cosmetics that are designed specifically with sensitive customers in mind. Their gentle eye cream won’t hurt you if you accidentally get any in your pretty peepers, it’s made from cotton extract and olive fruit oil and is entirely fragrance free. The cream when applied aims to soothe tired skin, creating a healing naturally pleasant balm that will help calm down any irritation or redness caused by other, harsher products.