Is It Possible To Prevent Bridal Hair Horrors, Makeup Meltdowns and Shoe Shambles?

When it comes to wedding hair and makeup advice, most of it focuses on one area: the actual process of doing it. You can be walked through finding a look that works for you and techniques that you might need to achieve the finished effect that you want.

Reading those guides, it would be easy to think that final moment of looking in the mirror is the end of the story. As if there is not then a huge event to go through, a day to be enjoyed – and in which you’re going to want to keep looking good. Getting your hairstyle and makeup right is only going to be useful if it’s going to stay that way.

Weddings can be a testing time for your style choices. Got a few jitters? You might sweat, putting your makeup to the test. Intending on dancing like nobody’s watching at the reception? Then your hair is going to be seeking to free itself from your elegant style ASAP. No one wants to be the bride who looks like a disheveled panda in the photos from later in the day, but what can you do to keep that same glow you had before the vows?
Below, there are a few tricks to keep your wedding day beauty on point – from start to finish.

Hair Today, Same Hair Later On Today! Keeping Your Style In Place
If you choose to wear your hair up for the wedding, it’s classic and elegant and… potentially not going to feel great after many hours. Most of the classic wedding styles have a tendency to involve a lot of bobby pins, hairspray and hair twists to keep them in place. Hours later at the reception, your scalp may be feeling the impact of that wonderful creation.

Be prepared to literally let your hair down once the ceremony is done. Make sure your hair is in good condition with a pre-wedding trim – nothing fancy, so don’t panic about budget, especially with the likes of to choose from. Just enough to keep split ends to a minimum, so when you unpin your chosen style you have a smooth base to work with. Keep dry shampoo on hand and a spritz of salt water to give yourself natural waves and your scalp a quick hydration boost. Like this, you go from day to night in a few simple steps.

If you’ve worn your hair loose, your biggest enemy is going to be your hair becoming flat and lifeless. In this case, do the exact opposite to the above: be prepared to tie your hair back as the day wears on. Start with a good basis by using a clarifying shampoo the night before. On the day itself, French Braids are a cute way of achieving this while still keeping a romantic look; they can be twisted together relatively quickly by you or a handy bridesmaid. Have a few practice sessions before the big day. You want to remember your wedding as “the best day of my life”, not “that day I had to cut chunks of my hair out when I knotted it trying to French braid”.

Makeup Must: Prime to Shine!
Whether your makeup is minimal or full impact, the primary requirement you might have of it is that it stays on your face. The main weapon in your arsenal here is primer; use it liberally to keep everything where you intend it.

We’re not just talking about face primer, either. It is worth investing in eyeshadow and lip primer if you plan to use products on these areas. You might still need the occasional touch-up, but having primer in the foundation of your look is going to give you longer between applications.

Pretty Shoes = Not So Pretty Feet
Sure, you can find shoes that are for the sensible bride who acknowledges she’s going to spend all day on her feet. The one problem with that plan, however, is that shoes that fall into the “sensible bride” category are… not so appealing. They tend to involve chunky, low heels and wide fittings – none of which quite meet your style expectations!

There’s no need to switch to flats at the reception, either – and it’s always worth having a backup plan. But if you want to wear your magnificent wedding heels through the whole day, then you have to be prepared. Gel insoles will give you a few more hours on your feet, as will a quick trip to the ladies to spray some cooling spray – the kind usually designed for athletes – onto your sore soles. You can even make your own following recipes like this one:

Also be wary of blisters; your wedding shoes should be “worn in” in the same way you would a conventional pair. You might worry about ruining the aesthetic, but it’s far preferable to ruining your wedding day with foot pain. Wear them on soft surfaces – such as the carpet of your home – to limit the damage.