Classic With A Twist: Destination Wedding Ideas To Peruse

Destination weddings have become more and more popular over time. Lower cost airfares for both spouses and guests and an increasingly connected world have made this inevitable. It’s now affordable and practical for us to scout out and secure locations for a wedding that will look sensational in photos. If you can start the honeymoon the moment the wedding ends, well, so much the better.

There are practical advantages to a destination wedding, of course. If you’re trying to secure a location near you, you may struggle to get your chosen date. But let’s be honest – practicality is not really what we’re dreaming of. We want a location that makes us excited. Somewhere that makes any wedding a dream wedding.

What makes a perfect destination for you might differ from what works for others. However, there are a few possibilities that will be ideal for most people – and they’re all sublimely picturesque.

A Country Home In England
The perfect blend for a couple who want to have a wedding steeped in tradition. So many of the wedding aspects that have become common practice around the world started here. Indeed, the British monarchy established a few of them.

So, if you’re in love with love, a wedding in Britain makes nothing but sense. Pick from among the wonderful country house wedding venues, and you’ll have a wedding that is fit for a Queen. Sorry, but Buckingham Palace isn’t available. Someone’s using that.

On A Beach In Cancun
Of course, a wedding in England may not particularly grab you if you are more of a sun seeker and want to get married in winter. If you fancy somewhere a little warmer, then a beach wedding can make the whole occasion perfectly idyllic.

Although there are beaches all over the world, nowhere really does the beach wedding like Cancun. The pristine white sands and striking blue sea are unrivaled. Just imagine the wedding photos against that backdrop!

By A Lake In Slovenia
Since the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, none of its former states have been so quick to find their feet as Slovenia. Not far from Slovenia’s border with Austria lies its most famous attraction – Lake Bled. An increasingly popular wedding venue, Lake Bled will stay imprinted on your memory forever. Having married and spent your honeymoon here, you may feel tempted to stay indefinitely.

Whether you’re looking for a church wedding or a civil ceremony, there are venues for you here. There is also a thriving wedding industry in the region, so it’s worth making enquiries early on. Don’t worry about the language barrier – many English-speaking couples marry here.

One tip to bear in mind is that there are differing legal requirements between countries. This is something that you should make sure you don’t delay on – bureaucracy moves fast in some places and slowly in others. The sooner you have applications made and plans drawn up, the sooner you can get on with dreaming about the big day. Between talking to friends and Googling photos of your wedding venue, you’re going to be busy.