Booked Your Holiday? Don’t Ruin It By Forgetting These

Going on holiday is great. You get to see different parts of the world and experience new culture. But remember, there are other things to consider than simply booking the flight and hotel. Whether you’re on a quick break or your honeymoon, anything going wrong could ruin the most perfect of holidays. Here are some things you need to bear in mind before going to ensure you get peace of mind whilst abroad.

Look After Your Car
Most people drive to their airport or use public transport. But when your car is on your drive with no one using it it is vulnerable to theft and vandalism. This is even more poignant if you don’t have a drive and it is left on the road. A safe bet would be to drive to the airport and use their parking facilities, a great example can be seen with EWR Airport Parking. Airport parking is usually secluded and safe from any would be thieves. You can rest knowing your car is well looked after. You shouldn’t forget too, otherwise you’ll be left forking out way more than if you had pre booked.

Take Out Travel Insurance
You should book this as early as possible, the earlier you get it sorted the cheaper it will be. Remember, travel insurance is vital. Most countries don’t have free healthcare, so if you go abroad and something bad happens you could be hit with a huge bill. Insurance might be a little expensive you have any preexisting conditions, but this really isn’t something to forget or skip out on. There are many differing travel insurance companies who offer different things and rates, you best bet is to compare them off and see which best suits you.

Book your Excursions
Excursions are usually offered by the travel company or the hotel you’re travelling too. They change depending on location, but usually involve trips to local attractions like ancient sites, theme parks, boat trips, etc. Some of these book up quite fast so to avoid disappointment you should book in advance. This is especially the case where there are popular attraction that fill up quickly such as a boat tour to a different island where you stay there for a night or two.

Tell Them About Any Special Requests
If you have special requests, either for the hotel, flight or holiday as a whole then tell your tour operator directly. Or, you can go straight to the hotel. They will usually accommodate most requests provided you get in touch and give them enough time to change things for you. Things such as added people or changes to the party need to be made as soon as possible. Another key example would be upgraded seats on the flight. If you leave it too late the upgraded seats will all run out, leaving out and your family disappointed. Email them as soon as you can and if you don’t get a reply then pick up the phone and call.