Why Wait For Him To Pop The Question? Here’s Why You Should Propose To Your Boyfriend

Have you been waiting for years for your boyfriend to get down on one knee and ask the big question? Sure, it is a question that all girls want to hear from their boyfriends, but if you wait around for him you may have to wait for an awfully long time! So why not speed up the whole process and ask him yourself?

Traditionally, girls have only ever been allowed to propose during a leap year. However, that trend is slowly changing, and nowadays many girls are proposing to their guys regardless of the date! So should you be considering asking your boyfriend this all-important question? Here are some reasons why it is an excellent idea.

You Can Propose With Your Perfect Ring
If you wait for your boyfriend to propose, he will want it to be one big surprise. And that includes the ring as well! So you won’t have any idea what kind of ring he’s going to get. The only way you will have some say in your engagement ring is if you wait until after he has proposed and then you can both go ring shopping together. However, you don’t have to wait if you propose yourself. You’ll be able to pick a ring that you love and will be able to propose with it! What kind of ring will you choose? Solitaire engagement ring settings are one of the most popular styles at the minute.

You Can Propose Where You Want
We’ve all heard the stories of how our friends and relative have gotten engaged. Sometimes, it involves their boyfriend taking them off on a long hike and proposing at the summit of a mountain. Sure, getting engaged against a fabulous backdrop would be extremely magical, but can you really be bothered about going to all that effort and hiking to your spot? Unless that exact hike or location means something to both of you, it probably isn’t worth it. If you decide to propose, you can do it exactly where you want. And you don’t have to worry about being dragged out for a hike just to hear that wonderful question!

There’ll Be No More Waiting
Do you have any idea how long your boyfriend may keep you waiting? It is impossible to know! He could ask you next week; he could ask you in five years! So why not just cut out all that waiting and get on with it yourself. Once you have gotten engaged, you can then start with all the important wedding planning. Usually, couples like to wait quite a bit after getting engaged before they have their wedding. So if you haven’t even gotten engaged yet, you have an even longer wait before the big day! Speed things up and get down on your knee before your boyfriend as soon as possible!

You Can Have Things Exactly How You Want Them
Most girls have imagined their wedding day since they were very young. And many of these girls will have already thought about their perfect engagement as well. Have you? Having the perfect engagement will give you a beautiful story that you will be able to tell to your children and grandchildren. So if you want to tell the story for years to come, you need to make sure that it all goes according to plan! And there is no better way to make sure everything goes right than by taking care of it all yourself. So don’t wait around for your boyfriend to propose in a lackluster way. Pull out all the stops by doing it yourself!

There Is No Reason To Be Scared
Many girls are scared about proposing because they think that their boyfriend will say no. But, if you think about it, your boyfriend will have this same fear too if he were to ask you! And you know you would say yes. So, surely, your boyfriend will also be as ecstatic as you would be during the proposal! There really is no reason to be too worried about your boyfriend saying no. If he does say no, do not be too disheartened. After all, it doesn’t mean that you should split up! It is simply a sign that he isn’t ready. Give it some time, and, you never know, he may even end up popping the question to you in a few months!

Are you excited about getting down on your knee in front of your boyfriend now? Hopefully, I’ve given you plenty of reason why it should be you proposing!