Weddings Abroad – How You Can Prevent These Common Mistakes

Loads of couples choose to travel abroad for their honeymoon. However, there are still relatively few who decide to get married in a foreign country. Having said that, though, the number of weddings abroad continues to grow each year. One fo the main reasons that puts people off getting married abroad is the fact that there is a lot more that could potentially go wrong. After all, you will be in a completely different country which adds an extra complicated layer to your wedding prep. But that shouldn’t put you off, though! In fact, if you follow the following tips, you will greatly reduce your risk of running into the most common problems that occur with weddings abroad.

Visa Issues
If you are traveling to a completely different continent for your wedding, you should expect to have to apply for a visa or visa waiver to enter the destination. You should also remind all of your guests that they will each need a visa as well. It is a good idea to get your visas all sorted well in advance. Otherwise, your application may not be processed in time before you leave. And that could ruin your whole wedding as you may not be able to enter your chosen country without a visa. If you are planning on getting wed in Europe, you can find out more about your visas online at

Over Inviting Guests
Most brides want as many people as possible at their wedding. That’s because they love the idea of showing off their beautiful wedding dress and new hubby! However, when you are getting married abroad, inviting too many people could cause some problems. Firstly, some guests might expect you to pay for their travel and accommodation. You aren’t obliged to, but if they want you to then this could cause some arguments. Secondly, the hotel or resort might not be able to accommodate all your guests, and some might end up staying far away from the wedding venue. The transport to and from the venue could cause them or you some extra expense!

Local Legalities
Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding marriage and wedding ceremonies. Just because you aren’t from the country doesn’t mean that you can completely disregard these legalities. Sure, this isn’t going to be the most exciting part of wedding preparations, but it is incredibly important that you do plenty of research into this area. If you don’t, and don’t get the required wedding licenses or other documents, you might not be able to get married. And that means you, your groom, and all your guests will have made the trip for nothing! You can find out more about international wedding legalities on sites like

Getting married abroad is a truly wonderful experience. However, planning carefully well in advance is the key to making sure that your wedding goes without a hitch. Get it right, and you will have a marvelous time!