Unusual Honeymoon Destinations To Consider After Saying ‘I Do’

After a long and often stressful process of planning a wedding, your honeymoon gives you the chance to really have fun unwind before going home to settle into married life. And while we all know the most popular honeymoon destinations- places like Paris, Venice, Bora Bora- why not go for something a little different? It doesn’t have to be a traditionally ‘romantic’ place when you’re with the one you love any place can be romantic! If you fancy doing something a little different, here are a few destinations you could consider.

If you’re torn between running off to Vegas and getting married or having the big white wedding at home in a church- you can still have it both ways. You could get married at home and go to Vegas for your honeymoon instead! It might not be considered as the most romantic destination in the world, but if that’s fine by you, then you’re sure to have an incredible adventure. The bright lights, casinos, and attractions make it the perfect honeymoon for couples who love action. You could catch an epic show, sites like http://www.vegastickets.com/Concerts have more details. You could watch the infamous Bellagio dancing water fountains, or kick back with a cocktail in a swanky bar. Who needs a honeymoon lay on the beach when you can pack in all of this excitement instead?

This would be an incredible choice if you were having a winter wedding or getting married over Christmas! Can you imagine anything more magical than strolling through snowy street with the houses lit up with lights? You could stay in a cozy log cabin to protect you from the winter weather. You could spot the incredible natural phenomena of the Northern Lights; something everyone should aim to do once in their lives. There’s ‘ice karting,’ snow safaris, and ski tours that you can have fun with. There is a whole load of activities that you just wouldn’t find elsewhere in the world, making it a truly unique honeymoon experience.

Another one for those who love wrapping up warm as opposed to stripping down to their swimwear. Colorado has a number of incredible national parks and epic ski resorts to discover. While it might not be the most traditional of honeymoons, you won’t be short on things to do. And you can’t deny the romance of a stunning snowscape. Whether you go for Aspen, Vail or Boulder you’re sure to have a fantastic time, just be sure to pack your winter warmers!

Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos is where Charles Darwin uncovered the mystery of evolution, thanks to the stunning and unusual wildlife species that live there. Animal lovers will have the time of their lives in a place like this. You could bird watching and look out for animals on land or, go snorkeling and scuba diving to see what’s under the water. If you want to do something unique for your honeymoon, this is definitely one option!