The Best Ways To Care For Our Skin As We Get Older

We all age and get older and wiser. But one thing that we forget that ages with us is our bodies. If they are not cared for well, they could end up aging quite badly. Which is why we need to make sure that we are caring for our bodies as best as we can. Today I am going to talk specifically about our skin. Our skin can make us look much older than we are if we don’t look after it. So here are some tips to help your skin look good as you get older.

Stop Smoking
If you smoke, the chances of your skin looking good as you age are very slim. It might seem quite extreme, but there is science to back it up. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause premature aging of the elasticity of our skin. The elasticity naturally fades as we get older. But it can be made worse and happen much earlier to smokers. So think about looking to quit if you are someone that smokes regularly.

Use Moisturizer
Our skin dries out much more as we age too. It is all such a glamorous time! As our skin dries out, it means that things like fine lines and wrinkles appear much more. So a good way to combat that is to use a moisturizer daily. You should use one in the morning, before applying makeup. Before you go to bed is a good idea too. You can get lots of night moisturizers that are often thicker than a day one. They seep deep into your skin and work their magic overnight. So that might be something to look into.

Consider Getting a Treatment
If you suffer from something like cellulite, then there isn’t much that diet or exercise can do to combat it. It is often a result of being overweight. But many slimmer and even really toned women have. It is to do with the elasticity of your skin again. Which is why it can get worse as you get older. If you find that it is a big problem for you, then a treatment like smoothshapes cellulite treatment could be just the thing. Do some research into it all and decide if you think it might work for you.

Get Plenty of Sleep
You might have heard people joke that they need ‘their beauty sleep.’ But do you know what? It is called beauty sleep for a reason. When your body gets all of the rest it needs, it gives it time to repair and heal. If your body doesn’t get that time, then it can make it really hard to look and feel good. So try to get at least seven hours of sleep a night. Eight hours is preferable, but it won’t work for everyone.

Have you got any tips and tricks for helping our skin as we age? I think my final one would be using a sunscreen and wearing sunglasses when it is sunny. If we end up squinting, it can add to the fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes.