Long Guest List? Here’s How To Plan For A Large Wedding

Most couples dream of a large wedding with all their friends and family. However, even though huge celebrations may sound like a whole lot of fun, they can often become quite tricky to plan. Not only that, though, but you will have to look after a whole bunch of people on the big day! Instead of enjoying the day, you may end up getting too involved with pleasing others to think about your own needs. So how do you manage when you are inviting a lot of guests to your big day? Here are some of my top tips for planning a large wedding.

Space Is Important
A large guest list means that you will have to have a large budget to find a big enough venue in which you can host everyone! It is important that you don’t try and compromise on the space by saving money on a small venue. If you do, your whole day will end up feeling very cramped, and your guests won’t find it particularly comfortable. You need to also factor in space for other things, such as your wedding band and extra decorative pieces.

Most couples have their wedding ceremony and reception in two completely separate locations. If you do, you are going to have to carefully consider how you are going to get all your guests from one to another. After all, not everyone will be able to drive, and even those who can drive might want to have a drink during the day. A long guest list can make it tricky to organize travel between the venue. However, one easy option is to hire a charter coach. You can find out more about that option online at http://www.floridacharterbuscompany.com/miami-charter-bus.

Forget About Favors
Favors are traditionally given to all the guests at a wedding. They are normally placed at everyone’s place on the reception tables. More often than not, these mean more to the couple than they do all the guests. So don’t feel bad about not getting favors for your wedding. These are one of the first things that should go to help you save money for a large wedding. All the cash that would have gone on little favors can go elsewhere, such as towards a larger venue or transport.

Give Guests A Reason To Move About
The wedding breakfast can always feel quite long at large weddings. That’s because it can take a very long time to feed three hundred guests! To make sure your wedding breakfast doesn’t seem to drag, give people a reason to get up in between courses. For instance, hire a photo booth so that guests can entertain themselves by taking pictures. It’s also a nice idea to place some disposable or instant cameras on the tables. Any kind of activity in between courses is a great way to make the meal feel like it’s flying by! You can find out more about wedding photo booths online: http://www.thephotoemporium.com/weddings/.

Organizing a big wedding doesn’t seem so daunting now, right?!