How To Feel Perfect On Your Big Day

If there’s ever a time to have your hair and makeup looking completely flawless, your wedding is certainly it. But sometimes under the stress of it all everything ends up being exactly how it’s not supposed to be. Things going wrong on your big day is just part and parcel of the wedding experience, but make sure how you look isn’t going to be one of them with these five easy steps.

1. Make sure you’ve got the right dress for YOU
We all dream of walking down the aisle in what we feel is the perfect white dress, but your ideal image in your head might not be as ideal on your body. Just like we have to dress to suit our bodies in everyday living, you’ll need to do the same for the most important day of your life as well. If you’re unsure of what dress style most suits you then go into a bridal shop for some advice. You don’t actually have to buy any of them either – you can try them on to get a good idea of what fits well and then shop elsewhere or even online for a cheaper deal.

2. For the things you can’t handle yourself
There are plenty of things we can do to improve how we look, such as getting our hair done, visiting the beautician for fabulous nails and of course, hitting the gym if you want to squeeze into the dress you got months (or even years) ago. But sometimes that means losing a fair amount of weight as so many women want to look their best on their big day. After your wedding diet, you may find you have more loose skin than you’d like. You don’t have to go and get your whole body changed under the knife of a surgeon, but you could enhance your features with facial contouring at the sculpture clinic.

3. Get your makeup right on the day
You have the choice of doing your own makeup on your wedding day or having someone else do it for you. Either way, it’s a really good idea to make sure you’ve got it done at least once before you’re due to walk own the aisle. Professional makeup artists are amazing at what they do but there is still room for error where that’s concerned because you might have a completely different vision. They might know what colours and shades suit your face but you might have a look in mind before you get it done. Equally, if you’re doing your own makeup for your wedding then that means you can practice as many times as you like until it’s absolutely perfect.

4. Buy your shoes AFTER you’ve got the dress
You might see the most amazing pair of shoes and envision them looking absolutely perfect with your future wedding dress. But before you splash out on a pair of gorgeous heels, make sure you’ve got the dress first so that you’re sure they match. Try on your dress with the shoes once you’ve got both of them too so you don’t have a last minute panic about the dress being too short or catching on them and so on.

5. Accessorise but don’t go too mad
Fashion jewelry is great for everyday life and depending on what sort of fashion you’re into, it can vary from thick chains, big earrings and a handful of rings. But on your wedding day, consider the phrase: less is more. Opt for dainty, beautiful pieces of jewelry instead and only wear a few pieces.