Adorable Ways To Get Your Pet Involved In Your Wedding

For many animal lovers, the idea of spending their big day without their beloved pet by their side is an atrocity. If the rest of your family and friends are invited, why shouldn’t your closest friend be there too? There are many cute ways you can get your furry friend involved in your big day – they’re as much part of the family as anyone. If your wedding is on the horizon, and you’re still looking for a way to get your beloved pet on the bill too, look no further.

Give Them a Special Job
If you’ve got a pet which is well trained and quite calm, why not give them a little bit of responsibility on the big day? Put the rings on a ribbon around your pup’s neck, and they can be your ring bearer. Or perhaps have them trot up the aisle ahead of you with flowers. You could even have them as a bridesmaid or groomsmen. Who could turn down the opportunity to dress their kitty up in a tux?

Make the Jewelry about Them
Sometimes it’s not possible for your pet to be at the event with you, especially if it’s a way away from home. A cute little pendant necklace that reminds you of your pet is an adorable way to still involve them in your ceremony. If sadly they’re no longer with us, it’s a lovely idea to have your pet’s ashes formed into a diamond with Heart in Diamonds, and your engagement ring and your darling pet are forever intertwined.

Have them in all the Photos
Obviously, if your pet is at the ceremony, it’d be wrong if they weren’t in every single photo – the event is as much about them as it is you. If you’ve got a photo booth as part of your reception, make sure your guests are encouraged to get your furry friend into all the photos with them. You could even make sure they’re in your engagement announcement photo shoot.

Ride your Horse to the Reception
If you’ve got a horse, you’ve got ready-made wedding transportation, which is also ridiculously cute. Give them a little bit of a spruce up with ribbons and flowers in their mane and tail, and your chariot awaits. Just remember to ensure you’ve got someone to take them back to their stable after you’ve arrived – they might not be best pleased having to hang around while you get married and celebrate.

Don’t Forget them in your Cake Topper
Personalized cake toppers are adorable, and an amazing way to include your pet. Where most people just get figures of the bride and groom, why not add in a little figure of your animals too.

Just Make Sure you Don’t Expect too Much
You know your pet better than anyone, so make sure their job matches their capabilities. Animals are notorious nuisance-makers, so don’t give them too much responsibility with a role which could ultimate cause big problems – you don’t want them to be the downfall of your big day.

And it’s probably wise not to let them too near the cake too, lest you end up with a dog covered in icing and no cake for the guests to enjoy.