What Kind of Bachelorette Party Suits Your Personality?

Just like weddings, bachelorette parties come in all shapes and sizes. The great thing about them is you can customize the event to be whatever you want and make it as unique as you are. As long as you have your close female friends and family by your side, you’re sure to have fun, and can tailor it to yours and your group’s interests. Here are some of the different kinds of parties you could have for your bachelorette.

The Health Conscious Bride- To- Be
If you’re working to shed some weight right up to your big day, why not book a ‘bachelorette boot camp’ and get your girls involved too? You’ll have fun while losing weight and toning up. Alternatively, you might be after a more relaxing bachelorette get together. In this case, you could enjoy a spa day, making use of the pool, doing some yoga and enjoying massages and pampering treatments. This would be a nice one to go for if you or any of your bridal group are pregnant.

The Fun-Loving Bride- To- Be
Want the drinks to be flowing and the party to be pumping for your bachelorette? It could be a party at home, a night on the tiles or even a boozy girls weekend somewhere abroad. You could browse a bachelorette party planner website to see what kind of things are available. Alternatively, you might want to celebrate with a load fun activities- inflatables, paintballing, water balling or something else entirely. You don’t need to leave the action-packed adventure breaks to the bachelors; it’s something your group can enjoy too!

The Elegant Bride- To- Be
If you want to do something sophisticated for your bachelorette party, why not consider afternoon tea? Lots of restaurants offer this, where you’re served fancy finger foods such as cakes, sandwiches and other sweet and savory bites. Some will even have a champagne version allowing you to sip on some bubbles while you enjoy your afternoon. It’s a charming and elegant way to enjoy your bachelorette and is a good option if you’re only able to get everyone together for a few hours too.

The Budget Bride- To- Be
Weddings can be expensive, but that’s not to say you can’t throw an incredible wedding on a budget! You’ll know all the tips and tricks for how to save money and make it work harder after you’ve planned a wedding on a shoestring budget. So it should be easy to carry the same logic through to planning your bachelorette party. You could plan a party at home, and ask people to bring a bottle. You could buy some inexpensive decorations and fun party games from places like eBay or even look in dollar stores. You could look online for vouchers for places like comedy clubs or restaurants for a good deal and have your bachelorette party somewhere like this.