Make The Most Of Your Student Days: Top Tips To Help You Look And Feel Good At University

Life as a student can be stressful. You have a lot on your mind. There are reading lists to get through, lectures to attend and seminars to contribute in. Notes, presentations, essays, revision, group study, office hours and exams. Not to mention the dreaded final dissertation. Alongside all of the work you have your social life and personal life to consider too. It’s important that you can find a good work-life balance and still enjoy yourself while you’re studying. After all, these are meant to be the best days of your life, right? Here’s how.

Set Working Hours
When you can work from home, it’s easy to procrastinate and end up working into the late hours of the night. Don’t let this become a regular thing. Set yourself working hours and treat your university work like it’s a job. If you have an essay to do, conduct your research early and start writing well in advance. There’s nothing worse than pulling an all nighter and submitting two minutes before the deadline, exhausted and without time to proofread. It’s important to get all of your work done, but also don’t continue working outside your working hours. When it comes to the time you’ve set, put your books aside, place your pens down and put work out of your mind for the day. Otherwise it will end up taking over your life.

Get To Know Your Tutors
We’re not saying to invite them to the local free party. But getting to know your tutors will vastly improve your uni experience. These are the people that can help you the most when it comes to your work. After all, it’s their job. But they’re also a means of other support throughout your studies. They will be able to offer you careers advice, give you references and direct you in the right direction of the appropriate university services when times get tough.

Don’t coop yourself up in your room. Get out and about. University is one of the easiest settings for making friends, but it’s also one of the easiest places to feel isolated and out of the loop. There are thousands of other people of your age group living together in a relatively small community. Many of them will have similar interests to you. There are societies to bring you all together. Not to mention student union bars with quiz nights, cheap drinks and regular events. Having a good group of friends at university will help you through a lot. When you’re feeling low, they’ll be the ones to perk you back up. They can listen to your ideas and give you advice on your projects. They’ll celebrate good grades with you and comfort you if you miss the mark you were hoping for. They might even become your housemates. Who knows, you could be friends for life or maybe even more.

At the same time, don’t let your social life come at the expense of your studies. Remember that you are at university to learn. You’re paying a lot of money to be there, so you want to do the best that you can. Avoid hitting hard parties every night of the week. As the saying goes: everything in moderation.

Have A Bit Of “Me Time”
With work and social life, it’s easy to forget that you need a little time to yourself every now and then. Allocate a few hours of your week at least to “me time”. This should be time that you spend carrying out a little self care. Pop a face mask on, have a long and relaxing bath or kick your feet up and catch up on that series that you’ve heard so much about. Me time will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. It’s a chance to let your hair down and take it easy for a bit.

Treat Yourself
The student budget is tight. We all know that. But treat yourself every now and then. Whether that’s heading out for a meal with your friends, buying a designer item that you saw in an article that you read at, or having a haircut. Whatever it is that you’ve craved for a while, go for it. You could save these things as rewards for good results or special occasions. Living within your means is important, but you don’t have to completely frugal all of the time.

Look Good
When you look good, you’ll feel good and exude confidence. So dress up in a way that you feel comfortable and happy. Don’t let others put you down for your appearance. University is a great time to test aesthetic waters and try out new looks and styles. If you adore makeup, pile it on. Wear bright lipsticks, point your eyeliner, contour your face. If you don’t, then go au naturelle. Want to shave your armpits? Go ahead. Tired of conforming to common standards of beauty? Give the razors a miss. University communities can be more accepting and open minded places than most, so what better time than now to make that bold move you’ve been mulling over for a while?

Treat Your Body Well
Student diets are notorious for their low quality. Why fall into the trend? It’s easy to eat well on a budget without having to convert to a diet of own brand dried noodles and plain pasta. You just have to get a bit creative with things, that’s all. A good option if you’re struggling for cash, is to cut meat out of your diet. It’s expensive and you can do without it. Try out schemes such as Meat Free Mondays or Veganuary to get yourself started. Make sure to get plenty of fruit and veg into your diet. You’ll feel the better for it. Avoid too many caffeinated drinks and energy drinks. You might experience a lull when you first cut them out, but you’ll be left feeling more alert once they’re out of your system. Take it easy on the alcohol and make sure that you get sufficient sleep.