Home and Away – Where In The World Should We Get Married?

The location for your wedding is one of the most important things that you can decide on. It is not just about where you see yourself saying your vows, but you also need to factor in other things. These include elements like cost, the practicalities of travel for you and your wedding party, and also the climate that you are looking for. Many people prefer to get married near to their home so all of their friends and family can attend. While others need somewhere a bit more romantic or exotic for their vows. If you are having trouble deciding where to hold your wedding, read on for advice on some of the most popular options.

Your Hometown
Are you unsure as to whether travelling halfway around the world would improve your wedding? Then you need to give it some serious consideration beforehand. Having your marriage ceremony and celebration in your hometown might not be the most original idea, but it can work incredibly well.

The advantage of having a hometown wedding is that you won’t be under any additional stress to get used to a new place, as everything will be familiar. You will also probably have a pretty good idea of where about you would like to hold the reception. You might have even been planning it out in your head since you’ve been a kid! In addition, everyone that you invite from the area is likely to come because it’s not far to travel. They can also return to their own homes at the end of the party easily, which is pretty important to some guests.

But for some people, a wedding in their hometown is going to be too ‘run of the mill.’ For folks like that, a destination wedding is a much better idea.

What better destination wedding than one in Las Vegas, Nevada? Sin City is surprising set up for the marriage business in a big way. You can get a great wedding package that includes the officiant, a car and photographs for a very reasonable price. You don’t even have to get married in a tacky chapel on the strip, as there are plenty of others around that aren’t quite so ‘in your face.’

One of the best advantages of getting married in Vegas is that you are pretty much guaranteed good weather for your photos. As even if it is cold, it will be bright most of the time. It’s also super easy to get a marriage license, and you can even just rock up to the chapel of your choice when you are ready. Of course, you get to celebrate in style in the casinos later too.

But for some people Vegas might be just that bit too tacky for what they want. If that’s the case, maybe a romantic wedding in Italy would be a better suggestion?

There is a huge range of wedding venues in Italy to choose from. Old castles, vineyards, and villas overlooking the lake Como among them. Outdoor weddings are a popular choice as the weather is so fine. As are dusk weddings which make use of the warm evenings.

Remember, though, that if you a bride that feel the heat acutely, then perhaps Italy is not the location for you. You don’t want to be hot and uncomfortable on your wedding day. You want to make sure that you look the best you ever have!