Don’t Go On Holiday Without Knowing These Secrets

Travelling is a great experience for anyone, and we all know that it is one of life’s great joys. However, it is particularly enjoyable when you find the time to make the most of it. In order to do that, it helps to know the ins and outs of the travel world. The fact is, there are plenty of travel insider’s secrets which are likely to help you enjoy your travels a lot more. If you take these on board, you should find that holidaying takes on an entirely new dimension. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best-kept secrets of international travel. Next time you have a holiday to look forward to, try and remember some of these.

Where & How To Park
If you are in the unfortunate position of having to park your car at the airport, you might be a little stressed at the idea. This is fair enough, as you never know what might happen to your vehicle while you are away. Nonetheless, you can make it a lot less worrisome by knowing exactly where and how to park your car. There is a certain art to parking in the right spot in the car park. You want to look for somewhere that is not too far away from the departure lounge. However, it is also helpful if it is far enough away to not pose a security risk. The last thing you want is to come back and find that your vehicle has been broken into. So finding a good balance between the two is what you are going for here. If you get that right, it is much less likely that your car will be in any trouble. However, it is also true that knowing how to park can make a huge difference here. Ultimately, there is only a certain amount you can do to stop your car being broken into. However, if you park with your nose facing out, you will make things easier on yourself. This is because you will at least be able to access the battery if you need to. That is very helpful if you come back to find that you have left your headlights on!

What Is Essential & What Can Be Left At Home
A lot of people frankly have the wrong idea about what it is that is essential for travel, and what can be left at home. If you find that you often travel with far too many belongings, then you are by no means alone. We all know the experience of packing what seem to be the bare essentials, only to find that it is far too much anyway. The solution here is to learn what essential really means. Truthfully, you can travel with very little baggage if you want to. If you are on holiday for a week, then you will need enough clothing for seven days. How many people end up taking enough for fourteen? Pare it down to what you really need instead. Moreover, instead of taking books upon books, just take an e-reader loaded with plenty of literature. This saves a huge amount of space in your luggage, and makes it a ton lighter. Feel free to leave at home anything you don’t really need to either survive or keep warm. If you have never travelled light, you might find it difficult at first. However, after a couple of attempts, you will probably find that it is surprisingly easy and straightforward. What’s more, it does actually make the holiday much less stressful than when you have plenty of stuff with you.

How Hotel Bookings Work
If you think you know everything there is to know about hotels, think again. The truth is, they do not always do what you might expect of them. It is actually standard practice in the hospitality industry to overbook a hotel, every night if possible. This is because it is practically guaranteed that one or two people will pull out or not arrive on the day. So if that happens, the hotel is still full at operating at its peak. However, every now and then, it will just so happen that those people do not cancel. When this happens, it means that the hotel is overbooked. If you have ever been turned away despite having a reservation, then this is probably the reason. It might seem unfair, but knowing it at least helps to keep you prepared. What’s more, if you go for smaller hotels, it is much less likely that they will follow this admittedly greedy procedure. With smaller hotels, you are more likely to actually end up with somewhere to sleep.

Why You Should Keep Old Change
How many times have you come back from a holiday and thrown away those loose coins? It is a pain, because exchanges do not usually take coins. However, it is always worth keeping them, as you might need them on your next holiday. You never know when you might be returning to a particular country at some future point in your life, so why not prepare for it. A good way to do this is to keep a jar or similar somewhere hidden in your home. Deposit all currency into it after holidays. Before long, you will have quite a collection. Worst case scenario, you can sell your old coins online for a considerable amount of money. Either way, it is never worth just throwing them away. Remember: it is still money.

The Meaning Of Flight Numbers
You probably do not normally pay much attention to the flight number of your flight when you are travelling. But there is a surprising amount of information in there, once you know what you are looking for. At its basic, it tells you what airline you are with and roughly what point in the day you are departing. However, you will already know all that. But if you input it into certain websites, you can actually find out what type of aircraft you will be travelling in. You can then see where the best seats are likely to be. Hint: look for places near emergency exits or above emergency supply chambers. These will be the seats with the best legroom, and they will not cost any more. Bear that in mind when you are booking your seat, and you might end up with a particularly comfortable plane journey.

How To Find A Room, Fast
One of the most important parts of any trip is the accommodation. We have already seen how some hotels will end up turning you away out of greed. If something like this does happen to you, you want to know that you can easily find a room for the night without any fuss. If the hotel staff or the locals are not being particularly helpful, there are other options. Now, you can download and use apps such as Hotel Tonight. This enables you to find last-minute hotel rooms, often at greatly reduced prices. Perfect for when you are running the risk of a night under the stars. Just make sure that you input your current location. Otherwise it might be trying to find you a hotel for back home!

What To Do With Your Empty House
One of the major concerns for many people when they are travelling abroad is leaving their home vacant. It is true that this is far from ideal. Fortunately, there are some pretty neat solutions for making sure that your home stays as safe as possible. Probably one of the safest solutions is to house-swap while you are away. This is great because it kills two birds with one stone. First of all, it keeps your house occupied while you are away, which helps you to feel safer. But it also saves you money on your travels, as you are not spending any money on accommodation. This is usually a main expense, so that can be hugely relieving for many weary travellers.

Finding A Way Out Of The Airport
It can be overwhelming arriving in a strange country and having to navigate your way out of an airport. There is a reason that people act strangely in these kinds of settings, and it is because stress levels are often at their highest. However, there are ways to reduce some of that stress, and mostly it is a case of just planning ahead. If you arrange for a rental vehicle from my car or a similar service, you will have a much easier time of it. That way, you can just hop into your hired car and drive away. This is definitely much easier than trying to figure out public transport after an eighteen hour flight.

How To Find Hidden Gems
Part of the appeal of travelling for most people is the actual exploration side of things. It is a considerable joy to find all those hidden gems as you wander through a new city. But if you are a little impatient, it might be easier to let an app do it for you. Using one of many such apps, you can find the best restaurants, theaters and whatever you like in no time at all. This is the ideal solution for the time-stretched traveller of today.