Don’t Forget About These Important Individuals Planning Your Wedding

You might think that a wedding is all about you and your partner. Well, it is but it’s important to remember that there are probably going to be a lot of other people involved in the wedding. They’ll be taking on different roles from funding to organizing to being a shoulder for support. For instance, the best man and maid of honor both have large burdens to carry for your special day. So, let’s look at some of the roles different people have and why they are important.

It Costs How Much?
Depending on whether you’re opting for a traditional wedding, you might find that the bride’s parents pay the bill. Although, more recently this idea has largely been abandoned. Instead, the wedding is paid for by both couple’s families. Or, at the very least, they contribute a little towards the total budget. For instance, in some cases, the parents of the bride will pay for the dream dress. The average wedding costs around ten thousand, so it is helpful to have people willing to write a cheque. That’s why around the time when you think your beau might be about to propose, you should start being awfully nice to your parents. Remember, there’s nothing to say they have to pay for your wedding. Though most will want to chip in.

This isn’t the only role of the parents either. Dads will typically give a speech at the wedding that is either going to make you cry or cause great embarrassment. In most cases, it’s a little of both. Moms meanwhile will fuss around details like the dress, the cake, and the reception.

Revenge, Sweet Revenge
You might have been a bridesmaid at one of your friend’s wedding. Or, if you are one of the last to be wed almost every single wedding you’ve been to in the last year. In those weddings, you might have been asked to wear a rather ugly dress. There’s a reason for this. On the day of the wedding, brides are meant to look stunning, and everyone else is meant to fall into her shadow. Now, is your time to get revenge. Although, my advice would be to make sure everyone looks beautiful. After all, they are going to be with you in your wedding photos.

Looking beautiful or worse for wear isn’t the only role of the bridesmaids of course. They’re also there to make your wedding planning days fun and a breath of fresh air. Without them, you’d be stressing over the cost and worrying whether you’ll get your dream location. Don’t forget, you can get personalized wedding thank you cards to make sure all these people know they are appreciated. It’s a wonderful little gesture that will go down a treat.

Dearly Beloved…
Lastly, there is the minister, priest or vicar that will introduce you as a new couple to the world. Many people have the priest that they knew from childhood marry them. But, if you’re not religious you can also get one of your friends to do it. In fact in the past celebrities have been asked to wed couples. It all depends on who you would like to see standing there and how much money you have to spend!