Don’t Be Boring, Be Creative! Don’t Have A Dull Wedding Day

It should be the best day of your life, getting married. But, you want all of your guests to remember the day as well. Most people fall into the trap of a conventional or traditional wedding. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just makes it hard for the wedding to stand out. If you want to truly dazzle, have a look at these considerations you should take.

The Location
When choosing the location for your wedding, it’s best to think of places that have meaning to either of you. Churches that family have also gotten married in, or the church in your hometown, are a couple of examples. Just don’t make it too predictable. A tiny village church in the middle of nowhere, with loads of character, is much better than your local registration office.

The Attire
It’s your wedding, so you can choose what people wear. Obviously, the bride will want her dress, and unique bridesmaids dresses for the wedding day. And the groom will want matching suits for him and his guests. This is a great place to add some interesting flair to your big day. You can be creative and have some fun with what you put people in. You can also ask your guests to wear specific clothing. This gives you loads of opportunity to have some fun. But avoid forcing people to spend too much money, that won’t go down well.

The Food
Food at weddings is an area of great dread for a lot of guests. Most weddings supply one option for each course, and it’s never to everyone’s taste. More options will keep people happy, and a buffet will seal the deal. Giving people the option between fancy high-class food, and normal everyday fare, will cement many fond memories. You can have a bit of fun here, though. But weird food is best served at dessert when people have already had their fill. This way no one will go hungry.

Everyone knows that weddings are the prime event for consuming booze. So make it interesting! Source ales or cider from local breweries, or find a rare vintage. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s unique to your wedding.

The Entertainment
There are no rules here. You can have your wedding guests do anything. If you have friends who enjoy luxury, an afternoon at the spa is a great treat. Or, for adventurous types, having a falconer bring some birds along is loads of fun. This part of the day is completely up to you, but it’s best if you go out of your comfort zone and have everyone try something new.

Music at weddings should be live, but having a stranger as a centerpiece isn’t ideal. Try and find a family member or friend who can perform for you. It’ll make the day extra special, and give you a chance to take a breather out of the spotlight.

So, you should have a few ideas already. Don’t worry if you struggle; a wedding is a hard thing to plan. Just don’t get too stressed; you are the most important people on the day.