A peek into our home: Halloween 2016

Jeff and I have pretty settled into our house, which we’ve dubbed #BakatachiCastle (Idiot Castle), for almost 2 years now. We’ve, probably more Jeff than me, have become very avid decorators of our little home. I never knew how addicting playing interior designer could be; I can’t recall all the endless amount of hours we’ve both spent in Ikea, Winners, Home Sense, Michael’s and so on. Maybe I should have went into another career. Anyway, I had always wanted to do a house tour type of post(s) but I was always hesitant because 1) we are such messy people and 2) our house never feels 100% complete. I’m sure those of you with your own space can probably relate.

However, since I hosted a few of my girlfriends for Halloween a few weeks ago, I decided to take some photos and show you around my house. (Well, mostly my dining and living space). Other than the big moon backdrop, which was made by me, most of the decors were bought from local Michael’s, Party City and Dollarama. If you want to see more of these posts be sure to find the hashtag #BakatachiCastle on IG or to comment and let me know since I am planning on decorating for Christmas!! SO EXCITED!

Can you guess what we were all dressed us?