Vital Things For Your Very Vintage Wedding

Vintage style weddings, full of glamour, romance and class are still the go to look for the stylish bride. But with so many people having them, how can you make sure that your day stands out from all the rest? Check out our guide below for some tips and suggestions that will help you get your day just right.

The dress is always at the forefront of any bride’s mind, whatever sort of wedding she is planning. Luckily, anyone hoping for a vintage theme wedding should have no trouble finding a dress that both suits them and their theme. Vintage style dress are hugely popular at the moment, and there is a range of era that you can pick from.

If you are more of a rock and roll girl, then try a ¾ length swing dress shape. These are feminine and fun and look great in either lace or satin. You also have the option of adding a bright coloured petticoat underneath. Match this to your wedding colours and to look coordinated in your photos. Or, choose a colour theme like pastels and jewel colours and mix and match across your own outfit, the bridesmaids and the groom.

Or if you want a vintage touch, but are not so strict on the dress being from a particular era, why not pick something that is romantic and feminine. Lace, flower appliques and pale pastel colours can help add some originality to a wedding dress. They all contribute to conveying that vintage feel, without being tied down to one particular time period.

Of course, you are going to want to make sure your groom look his best too. For a more vintage look try tweed trousers and a waistcoat in grey or brown. Or ditch the waste coat and rock some braces instead. Popular accessories with this type of groom get up are bow ties and nerd glasses.

Or if you want something that looks more classic what about a smart black tuxedo suit with spats? Just make sure to match the colors of the accessories to the wedding colours for a more cohesive look.

Getting you hair right on the big day can be a massive worry for any bride. But if you are going vintage it can actually help. This is because it’s easier to pick a style that is in keeping with the period that you have chosen. It narrows down your options, so makes a choice a lot easier.

If you are rocking a 60’s feel, then you should definitely consider a beehive with a short veil. This attention to detail can set off your outfit really well. ​

If you a rocking a more romantic English garden theme wedding then, a looser style with curls can work the best. A fresh flower crown is a perfect thing to top off the look, as it has that Midsummer Night’s Dream feel.

Getting your venue right can make or break a vintage style wedding. A word to the wise a new style hotel is not the best pick here. You need to go for something with a bit of character.

Try a converted barn for a vintage country style wedding. Or an old hotel for a bit of glamour. Or how about getting married in a garden, for an alfresco, romantic vintage vibe?

Flowers are an aspect of the wedding that can really help convey the vintage feel you are trying to get across. The best choice is to go with things that would look in place in an English country garden. So pale and pastel roses, dog roses, peonies are all good choices. Then add lavender, hydrangea and daisies for texture too. You can even have them bound together with garden twine for a rustic feel.

An old classic car will help you to keep in theme throughout the day. For church wedding and days with a grander feel try an old fashion Rolls Royce or Bentley. If you are going for more of a 60’s retro theme then how about an old style VW Beetle or even a Lambretta scooter?

Picking a vintage style wedding can be good for your bank balance. This is because the type so the food that you can lay on for you guest might not be as expensive as the traditional three courses.

A fun suggestion is fish and chips. You can get vintage style mobile vans that will come and serve their wares to your guest on the day. The same goes for ice cream vendors and candy floss makers.

Or, you could choose a delicate afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, mini cakes and other little delicacies. You can speak your venue about laying something like this on for you. Just make sure that they understand the way it should be displayed as well as what type of food to make.

Or, you can ask all of your guests to bring an item, sort of like a Jacobs lunch. Then you will save a fortune. Everybody feels involved, and you have a great built in ice breaker for your guest to get to know one another, as they will all be asking: “Who made this?”

Bunting is an attractive decoration for vintage style weddings. You can buy material bunting from sites like Ebay and Etsy. Or you can have a go at making your own if you are feeling particularly crafty.

Vintage crockery is also a nice touch. You can hire this, or if you have enough time scour car boots and vintage fairs and pick up individual pieces like teapots cups and saucers.

Even your entertainment can be vintage. If you have picked a particular era, then get a live band that plays tunes from that time. For example, a 1930’s wedding would suit a swing band or jazz quartet.

Or what about an English Fete themed games for an outdoor wedding? You can hire things like ‘pull a string’, ‘bran tub,’ and even ‘coconut shies’ to keep your guest amused. You can even give them circus style tickets to trade in for a turn.