Sun, Sand and Supreme Luxury; Plan Your Perfect Girls Getaway!

If you’re planning a holiday with the girls; you want it to be a memorable and fun-filled trip for all. But how? With thousands of locations, hotels and things to do, it can be a bit daunting making plans. There’s no need to worry, though. You’re covered!

First of all, before anything else, you need to figure out the sort of holiday the girls will love! Of course luxury is most people’s first concern, so we’ll be keeping that in mind. But you also need to think about what you want to do. Do you want somewhere with great nightlife, beaches or loads of historical artifacts and monuments? Usually, the best holidays, you do a good mix of everything. So this post is assuming you want that; a good all round holiday, with something for everyone.

Next, think about location. Talk to your girls and find out where they want to go, and why. Then take all of the reasons they gave for their decisions, and use them to find the best place. You can find search tools online like Luxury Villas Ltd and First Choice, to help you find different types of holiday in loads of different places. If you struggle to find a single location, you can always look into a cruise, which will take you to loads of different places.

Now for a hotel, villa or apartment! Think about how long you’re likely to stay at the hotel each day, if you will eat there, if you want to use their services or branch out elsewhere and your budget. If you’re going spend every day out of the hotel; there’s no point in spending money on an all-inclusive 5* hotel if you’re never there. Also, think about location. If you plan to take advantage of nightlife and shopping areas, you’ll want to be close by.

Once that’s all done, and your flights are booked, you can start to plan! It’s best to decide what you want to do each day before you even leave your house. This will help you to use time efficiently, and avoid disappointment at missing out on things. Make sure to be liberal with your schedule, to give you plenty of time on each part of the trip. Do a lot of research and give your girls choices. It’s a nice idea to give everyone an equal amount of weight in the decision process. That way everyone will feel satisfied with the trip!

And finally… be prepared to tear up and throw away your schedule, if need be. When you’re on holiday, weird and wonderful things happen all the time. And ultimately, you’re out there to have fun. So it’s not worth being stressed if people want to deviate from your plans at points, especially if you find out about new things out there.

This should get you on the right track to have some fun! Just remember to give everyone an equal choice in the planning process, and not to go overboard on sticking to the plan.