Mix It – Mix Breakfast Cereal Your Way

Cereals, which are available in regular stores are often made at the lowest cost possible. Therefore boxes with berries might have only a few fruits or consist of baked grains with more fat or more corn waste. MIXIT pays attention to the selection of quality materials and you add them to your mix in the amount that you really like. Most important, only with MIXIT and nowhere else can you choose what you like best. Whether you have a fine pallet or follow a diet, freedom of choice is always a good thing.

I love the idea and the concept of getting to make my own blend of breakfast cereal just to my liking. On top, you even get the customise your tube and name your own blend as well. The process of mixing my own cereal on their website was a piece of cake. You simply begin with your cereal base, then choose what toppings you want such as dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Best part is that with custom mixes, you can accommodate to people with celiac, diabetics and allergies to lactose.

This is my mix, that I appropriately named Priincess…haha!
-Warmth in the belly with a little choco
-Greek Yogourt Raisins
-Mango (freeze dry)
-Organic dark choco popped quinoa
-Pecan Nuts

I want to give myself a pat on the back because honestly, my mix turned out to be the BOMB. It’s the perfect blend of chocolate, my favourite fruits and nuts. I have actually been really enjoying having this for breakfast. My entire order came out to $22.45, which I agree, is a little costly in comparison to a box of cereal from the supermarket. However, I do notice that the ingredients are so rich and flavourful. They favour local Canadian suppliers but in some cases, the healthy ingredients are only grown and dried in exotic countries. The tube packaging is so cute as well! When you’re done with them, you can use tubes to pack other food items or small objects and toys afterwards or they can be used to help decorate your home.

If you’re in Canada, I definitely recommend giving MIXIT a try since they’re based in Montreal so shipping is a breeze!