Miami Is Always a Good Idea: Things To Make Your Trip Extra Special

A trip to the sunshine state is always going to be incredible- but if you’re visiting Miami, you’re in for a real treat. This scenic city is home to the rich and famous, has stunning views and offers so much for visitors to see and do. Here are some of the ways you can make your trip even more special!

Hire a Yacht
Whether you want to party with friends or spend a relaxed day out on the water with family, hiring a yacht is the perfect way to go. It’s the ultimate in luxury and style, and cruising along the shores and ocean allows you to see Miami in an entirely different way. You could search for a company which offers boat rental and see the kinds of things they have on offer. From there you can choose your perfect yacht depending on what it is you want to do.

Swim With Dolphins
Miami’s location makes it the ideal place to interact with, and get up close and personal to a range of different wildlife species. There are a number of places you can swim with these majestic creatures in Miami. For many this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but either way, it’s something you’re never likely to forget! You could visit the Miami Seaquarium for this, or look at the swimming with dolphin packages at Key Biscayne. Miami Swim With Dolphin Tours also has different encounters on offer.

Go on a Helicopter Ride
There’s no better way to see any destination than from above, and Miami is no exception. The white sandy beaches, turquoise oceans, and striking city buildings make for an awesome view from the sky. You’ll see the parks, keys, harbors, stadiums and so much more. This thrilling adventure will give you memories to last a lifetime, and so is definitely something to consider if you want to make your trip extra special.

Tour Incredible Gardens
Miami has some of the finest botanic and subtropical gardens in the world. They’re beautiful places to visit, take pictures and spend a relaxed day. From the Fairchild Botanic Garden to a tropical garden right on Miami beach- there’s plenty of stunning Floridian flora and fauna for your to enjoy.

Visit a Tropical Beach
There is a range of stunning beaches to visit in Miami, and the gorgeous sunny climate makes it even more perfect. Miami Beach is actually largely man-made. However you wouldn’t know to look at this perfect stretch of sand and sea. There are loads of water activities you can try your hand at- diving, sailing, fishing, snorkeling and so much more. You could play volleyball at the beach or just soak up some of the perfect Florida sunshine.