Master Your Aisle Walk With These Must-Know Tips

Everyone wants to be that ‘blushing bride’ on their wedding day; radiant, glorious and beautiful. If we could be like that every day too, it wouldn’t be too bad either! But that moment when you enter the venue to walk down the aisle should be a moment where your guests turn and gasp. Of course, everyone will already think that you look stunning, no questions asked. But the aisle walk can be a scary few minutes of your life. After all, all eyes are on you, and if you’re not used to attention, it can be a little intimidating. No one wants to spend the evening before their wedding pacing up and down the hotel hallway stressing about the fateful walk. So, here are some tips so you can feel confident when you’re the center of attention, and that can help you nail the most important walk you’ll ever do.

Pick an Appropriate Song
Aisle walks are meant to be graceful and romantic – so it’s unlikely that the music you choose to enter the venue to will be anything too upbeat. A song that’s too jaunty can ruin the tender mood of the ceremony, so try and save ‘Uptown Funk’ for the afterparty! But on the other hand, a song that is too sad or moving may only render you in tears. Of course, it’s natural to shed a bit of a tear on your wedding day as it’s a very emotional experience. But try and steer clear of anything that will render you a bawling mess! Something soft yet uplifting is a good bet for your aisle walk.

Sort Out the Finishing Touches
The last place you want to feel self-conscious is on your walk down the aisle. It makes you feel uncomfortable and it will show too – both in real life to your guests and on pictures. If there’s anything to do with your appearance that you’ve been worried about for a while, it is best to sort it before your big day. This could be anything from split ends (a trim can work wonders on making your hair look healthy again) to discolored teeth. We all want to smile without hesitation on our wedding day, of course. So if you’re conscious about yellowing teeth, why not try porcelain veneers? Taking simple steps such as these will make you feel pampered and give you an extra boost of confidence.

Practice the Walk – in your Dress!
Tripping over on the aisle walk is every bride’s worst nightmare. If you are wearing heels and have a long dress with a train, it is especially vital that you have a test run at the walk. If you are having a wedding rehearsal, usher your groom out of the room and practice the walk in your dress, with maybe just your maid of honor present. It may not even be needed as you will probably be fine – but it’s a good idea to give it a shot just to eradicate any last minute nerves!