Heartfelt Touches To Make Your Day Extra Special

As one of the most memorable days of your life, there’s an awful lot of planning that will go into your wedding. But once you’ve taken care of the bigger details, you have the chance to focus on the smaller things. These are what can make your wedding really personal, and make your day even more special. Here are a few ways you can go about it.

Write Your Own Vows
Your wedding is personal to you and your partner, and writing your own vows is a special way to show that. Start by reading plenty of examples to give you inspiration. From there you can choose whatever is fitting, and tailor it to your specific situation. Decide whether you want your vows to sound more traditional, whimsical, lighthearted and humorous. Knowing this will allow you to decide on the overall ‘tone.’ If you get stuck, ask yourself questions about your relationship. Use your answers as a platform from which to write your wedding vows.

Provide Personalized Wedding Favours
Personalized wedding favors show your guests that you’ve really thought about, and considered them. If you’re having a smaller reception this will be easier, but even if you have a lot of guests, you can still personalize things to some extent. For example, you could create different favors for men, women, and children. It’s a sweet way to show that you had them in mind, and thank them for attending your big day.

Offer The First Drink Free
Offering an entirely free bar is something that’s out of the budget of many young couples. However, you could compromise by offering the first drink free. This will cost a lot less but is still a token of your gratitude. You could also put a couple of bottles of wine or champagne on the tables for the toasts. This is something which is no longer considered essential, but is still a nice touch.

Ask Each Guest To Request a Song
When you send out your wedding invites, ask your guests to write down the name of a song or two they would like to hear at the wedding. You can then pass this on to the DJ in advance. A surefire way to get everyone up and dancing! Another thing you could try would be to choose songs which include the names of some of your guests or wedding party. There’s a massive selection of songs with names in them, particularly women’s names. And so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something fitting.

Offer Transport From The Church To Reception
You’re not required to provide transport for guests or your wedding party. However, it’s a nice touch. You could hire a coach, bus or even a few limousines depending on your budget to transport everyone over. This means people will all arrive at the same time, and saves people who aren’t from the area having to drive around and find the venue.

What heartfelt touches will you be adding to your big day to make it extra special?