Fun With Friends – How To Plan A Fantastic Get Together

One of the best things to do in life is to spend a day hanging with your buddies. Doesn’t matter whether you stay in or go out and have some adventures, as long as you are together. So if you are thinking about planning a fun filled day for your squad, read on for some great tips.

You know your friendship group well, so you are the perfect person to decide on what it is that they would like to do. Try to pick something that is going to appeal to most people, although pleasing everyone is usually impossible!

If you have all been super busy lately, why not hold a chilled out day watching movies at your house? Or you could organize a seasonal party for occasions like Halloween, Christmas or Easter? If you think everyone needs to be a bit more active why not organize some physical exercise at the local park along with a healthy picnic?

While it can be fun to just sit around and do nothing but shoot the breeze, sometimes big gatherings of friends can go a bit flat if there are no activities. When choosing what to do, you want to pick something that everyone can get involved in. Board games are good if you are inside, as you can play with large numbers or in teams.

Competitive sports are also good if you have a large backyard or access to a public place in which to play. You only need to buy a few piece of equipment like a beach volleyball net, a football and goal, or a basketball and you are good to go.

If you friends are anything like mine, then it is wise to get them motivated by providing a picnic. If you are doing physical activities, you will want plenty of water as well as some raw veg crudites, dips and fruit.

If you are having a lazy day at home, you might go for something a bit more naughty like chips, popcorn or candy instead. If you don’t want to provide all this food, ask people to bring one item with them. Then the bigger the group, the more food you will have to feed them.

Document It
When you get together as a big group, it’s nice to document it with photos. These can the be uploaded to social media, or printed out as lasting memories of they day. You could try using an instant camera too. These prints photos out there and then. Then each guest can take home a little memento of your day of fun.

Next Time
Before the end of the get-together, let everyone know when they next one will be. It is better to do this as they are much more likely to confirm their attendance when the good memories of the day are still fresh in their minds. This can save you a real hassle later on when it can be difficult pinning everyone down on a day that they can all do.