Don’t Book Your Wedding Venue Without Doing These Things First!

So you think you’ve found the wedding venue or your dreams. Now all you have to do is pay your deposit and choose the perfect date right? Wrong! While it’s good to trust your gut instinct, this venue might not necessarily be the right one for you. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the appearance of a potential venue and overlook the practicalities. This can prevent you from making the best and most appropriate choice possible. Booking a wedding venue is one of the most expensive elements of your big day. So making the right decision is highly recommended. To help you do this, here are some crucial things you need to do first.

Read Reviews
Nowaday it’s common for married couples to review the venue where they chose to get married or hold their reception. These are often found online, on the venue’s social media pages or on their website. These reviews are a resource you should be using before committing to hiring a venue. They provide honest insight into what the venue does well and what they need to improve on. The couples who previously hired this venue may even urge you to avoid it at all costs. Knowing that these couples have experienced the venue beforehand, this can have a big impact on your final decision. Also don’t be afraid to question the venue what changes they have made in response to negative reviews.

Meet the Wedding Coordinator
The majority of wedding venues will have a wedding or events coordinator to assist you in organizing your big day. It’s vital that you arrange a meeting with the coordinator before booking a venue. They can give you a tour of the venue and provide ideas of decor styling and vendors you can use. They can also provide you with information about packages they might be able to offer you. But most importantly, this meeting will also give you a chance to see if you can work effectively together. If they don’t understand what you want or want you to compromise too much, it’s better to know now rather than later.

Ask to See the Menu
Before you book a venue, ask the manager if you are able to see an example of the wedding menus they offer. This can give you a clearer indication of whether the style of food on offer is suitable for your big day. You might also be able to organize a taste session beforehand too, but this will depend on the venue. If the venue has a restaurant attached to it, book a table and try out the food that way instead. If you discover this venue does not provide catering services, you might have to consider organizing your own. This can add to your workload and potentially cost you more money. So if you don’t think your budget can stretch any further, you might want to look elsewhere.

The advice in this guide will help you choose a venue that looks incredible and is in keeping with your wedding vision. But also provides the space, facilities and services you require also.