Continue The Wedding Celebrations At These Fantastic Honeymoon Destinations

The wedding celebrations don’t have to end as soon as the ceremony finishes! In fact, you should keep them going throughout your entire honeymoon. Your honeymoon is a vacation that you will never want to forget. And the best way to remember it forever is to fill it with lots of happy memories in amazing locations. Not sure where to go? Here are some brilliant ideas.

Maui, Hawaii
Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands. It is a popular honeymoon location as it is a picture-perfect destination and always has excellent weather. Most hotels on the island also have wedding facilities, so there is a good choice when it comes to romantic accommodation! There is also plenty to keep you occupied on the island as well. There are many renowned golf courses that are popular with professional golf courses. And there is, of course, fantastic beaches, perfect for romantic evening strolls!

New York City, New York
If you want to enjoy your honeymoon in a buzzy city, there is no better destination than New York City. You will never be bored when you hit the Big Apple. You can climb up the Statue of Liberty and explore the vast Central Park. If you and your partners love the movies, you will be able to explore the various areas of the city which have been used as filming locations. And don’t forget to experience a famous Broadway show! You can find out about ticket prices on sites like

Rome, Italy
How about a trip to Europe? If you want to soak up some European history, head to pretty Rome. This exciting city perfectly combines ancient history and contemporary architecture. You certainly won’t be short of gorgeous views and areas for holiday snaps! Make sure you explore Ancient Rome at the Pantheon and Colosseum. There is more history to soak up at the Vatican City. You can find out more about the Vatican’s attractions online

Paris, France
And let’s not forget about the most romantic place on the planet: Paris! The French capital also oozes sophistication and is possibly the best place to enjoy a luxury honeymoon. There are so many different attractions you should see while you are there. Make sure you get your picture taken in front of the famous Eiffel Tower. If you have a head for heights, climb up to the top for fantastic city vistas. There is a brilliant choice of chic restaurants to dine in every night. After dinner, go to the Moulin Rouge for one of the theater’s famous shows!

Edinburgh, Scotland
The Scottish capital city may not be an obvious honeymoon choice. But there are loads of reasons why you should consider it. Firstly, it is a very beautiful city. There are loads of old buildings, and you can spend a day looking around the oldest of them all: Edinburgh Castle! The city is also perfectly placed for hikes around the surrounding countryside. While you’re there, head up to Loch Ness for a day as well!