A Trio of Iconic American Cities – And Novel Ways To See Them!

For people who have a thirst for travel, the mere fact of going on holiday is thrill enough. Go with the right people and any destination can have some magic to it. Then again, if the magic is already there, then it’s only enhanced by the right company. Each of us has our dream destinations – from the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon to the bright lights of Tokyo or Dubai.

When we go on holiday, we rarely veer away from the usual ways of seeing a city. On foot, because nothing gives a more authentic experience that walking among the sights and sounds. In a hire car, because sometimes the crowds are too much on foot. And often, on a tour bus – because if you want to see as many sights as possible, having a guide and some elevation will always help.

But those are the ways everyone sees these cities. It’s a bit played out, isn’t it? These are the angles everyone sees them from. If you really want to see a new city, there are more inspiring ways to see them.

San Francisco: Frisco From Above

Regarded by many as California’s second city behind Los Angeles, San Francisco is one of those cities that marches to the beat of its own drum. There is something here for the artistic types, sports fans and amateur historians.

You won’t run short of things to do here – and if you like seafood, you’ll be in heaven with the restaurants and street food stands. But if you want to see it from a new and unique angle, take one of San Francisco’s iconic cable car tours. The city is all the more charming seen from above.

New York: An Iconic Skyline You Can Actually Get Among

Just about anyone could look at footage or photographs of New York and instantly recognize the city. The Empire State, Chrysler and the quirky Flatiron Building. We know these famous landmarks from TV, film and music videos.

There is just about nothing you can’t do in New York, and you’ll have plenty of time to do the things you most want to. But to see the whole city in a standard way can take forever. Take a helicopter tour in NYC, and you can see all the landmarks you know and love in half an hour.

New Orleans: See The Big Easy On A Segway?

While some cities reward an aerial view, there really is no better way to see New Orleans than to get down on the streets. It’s a fascinating place, and the best way to experience it is to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds.

If you want to get the best from your time in New Orleans, one of its famous Segway tours is a perfect way to see it. It will take you through the French Quarter and around the famous, spooky locations in the city. If you want to see Bourbon Street, you’ll need to do that on foot – but that may be for the best.

America has many spectacular and fascinating cities, and seeing them in a new way is always going to be enthralling. The above are just three of the finest locations. And the suggested tours are three of the most fascinating ways to see any city.