A Boo-tiful Party – Celebrating This Halloween In Style

Holding Halloween get-togethers isn’t just for kids. They can be quite grown up and sophisticated occasions too. What makes them fun is all the element of games, food and fancy dress all coming together. So, if you fancy creating your own boo-tiful party, check out my guide below.

Do Decorations
Getting the right atmosphere for your fancy dress part is essential. The main way to do this is by decorating the space in which you will hold it.

It’s important that it looks mysterious, so lower the lights and get some battery operated candles for a safe but spooky glow. Then cover any modern furniture with black cheese cloth, or if you are feeling really gross white cheesecloth with red stains on.

If you are holding a dinner party, you should make sure that you have a dramatic centrepiece too. Try a plastic cauldron with a fog maker placed inside. This will ooze a ghostly fog like the top from a witches brew! Or you can drape cobwebs over fake skeletal animals for a vintage but frightening look.

Don’t Insist on Fancy Dress
Fancy is dress is something that many people get super excited about over Halloween. But not everybody likes it. It’s much better to ask people to stick to a simple dress code like wear only black and red. Then you can provide a few accessories like vampire teeth or witches hats for them to wear when they got into the swing of the party.

Do Put on Food
Food is an essential part of Halloween merriment. Some people go for theme courses. For example what about having pate served in brain moulds, and then a rib and sausage platter that looks like a body? If that is all a bit too gross, try cute, and kooky themed food like witches finger hot dogs or monster eye cookies.

Don’t Forget to make it Simple
If you are too busy to cook, or you aren’t so bothered about themed food, then why not speak to some local restaurants that cater? Then you can have them provide a delicious meal or buffet so you can focus on the decorations and be the Halloween host with the most.

Do Provide Games
Something that works really well at parties is if you provide games for your guests. It can help break the ice, and stop people just sticking to their own cliques. You can use traditional party games like Pictionary or Cluedo. Or try some minute to win it style games. For a Halloween party, a murder mystery set can work especially well!

Don’t Serve Boring Drinks
Whether you are serving alcohol or not at your party, it’s important to make the drink as impressive as the decorations.

It’s very easy to make Halloween themed drinks that will get people in the spirit of the occasion. Use disposable syringes to contain red liqueurs or juices. Then guests can flavour their own drinks. You can even serve them in fake blood bags with straws for a real horror effect!