Why You Should Consider a Trip to Maine

Maine is one of my favorite states in America. You don’t often hear people talk about it as often as they do the more flashy states like New York or Chicago. But if you’ve never visited the place, you should definitely consider it traveling to it. Here are a few reasons why.

A wide variety of Beautiful Locations
Maine is one of the most exciting and varied states in America. It’s often overshadowed in this area by the likes of Texas, California, and Florida. In fact, a lot of people think about Maine and only see autumnal scenes, often drenched in rain. But there’s such a variety of beautiful locations to see in Maine, if you give it a chance. Want to see incredible cities? Gorgeous villages? Moody beaches? Breathtaking mountain scenery? It’s all here in Maine.

Maine is actually one of the best places to go golfing in the entire country. Don’t believe me? Then you probably haven’t heard of the Samoset Resor, one of the most esteemed golf resorts in America.

Stephen King!
That’s right: one of the greatest and best-selling authors of all time was born, raised, and currently lives right here in Maine. Author of Misery, Carrie, Pet Sematary, It, The Shining, The Dark Tower, The Stand, The Shawshank Redemption.. There are more great works by him, but there are too many to list here. King’s novels are usually set in Maine. Many of its greatest areas being sources of inspiration for plot, location, and character. That’s reason enough to visit, right?

Incredible Accommodation Opportunities
Maine is a great vacation destination, but it certainly isn’t priced like one. With a decent average living rate and good housing prices, Maine has proven itself to be strong in the tourism sector. This means that you can look into a wide variety of vacation accommodation at good prices. You’re certainly not limited to hotels and motels, though there are, of course, great examples of those. You can also look into cottage rentals in Maine. Expanding your accommodation horizons can help you see more intimate parts of the state.

The Silliest Vegan Restaurant in America
Extend some sympathy to the vegans among us for a minute. After all, they often find themselves ignored when it comes to great American cuisine. While there are great vegan restaurants in every state, they tend to be fairly rare and often overpriced. Of course, that isn’t the case in Maine, which has a few more vegan restaurants than a lot of other states. There’s a particular restaurant that has some really inventive options at a good price. They pride themselves on being a bit silly… in fact, the restaurant is called Silly’s.

The Cryptozoology Museum
“What-zoology?” I hear you ask with some alarm. Cryptozoology is the study of creatures that are only rumoured to exist. While there may be data or specimens here are there suggesting their existence, there’s no clear proof. The study of Bigfoot is one of the most famous examples (though also one of the most unrealistic of the lot). It’s an absolutely fascinating area of research even when it’s not entirely convincing. Maine actually has the world’s only international cryptozoology museum!