The Four Wedding Essentials That Should Be On Your Checklist

It’s no joke when people say that your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. The minimum amount of time most people spend planning a wedding is around the six month mark. This might seem super quick to you. But think about what else in your life you plan six months ahead for? Holidays, birthday and religious celebrations all require planning, of course. Weddings, however, really do take the biscuit. In fact, most people take a year or more to plan their big day. With so many things to think about, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We’ve handpicked the most important aspects of your wedding day to give you somewhere to start.

The Dress
The wedding dress was always going to be high up on this list. It’s something your female friends and family swoon over – and most importantly, your fiancé doesn’t see you in it until the big day arrives. The vital thing about your wedding dress is that you need to feel comfortable and confident in it. If you’re spending the whole day pulling up the top or fiddling with a hem, it will show in the photographs. Don’t feel the need to bow to pressure either. If traditional isn’t your thing, don’t go for a traditional dress just to please your guests. There are plenty of gorgeous coloured wedding dresses available now, and short ones too.

The Venue
The wedding venue can easily be the most expensive part of the day. Fairytale weddings are one of the most popular themes, but stately homes and castles always come with a hefty price tag. If you don’t have bags of money to be throwing at a potential venue, see if you can compromise. Book somewhere cheaper, such as a registry office or an event space, and see if you can decorate it how you would like it. It may be time consuming, but you can put your own personal spin on the proceedings rather than having the same wedding as everyone else.

The First Dance
The importance of the first dance is often overlooked when planning a wedding. This tradition is commonplace in European and American weddings, although it has changed much over time. Originally, the first dance would be undertaken by all the guests, including the bride and groom. They would simply dance with one another first before moving onto other partners. Now, the dance and the song you choose is regarded as the pinnacle of the wedding day. Companies such as WerDJs specialise in finding your perfect wedding DJ who will be able to create a special soundtrack for your first dance. The current most popular ‘first dance song’ is ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran.

The Cake
Wedding cakes have grown in both stature and expense over the years. It is considered to be the centrepiece of the reception and is one of the most eagerly anticipated parts of the day. Speak to a local wedding cake baker about what your vision is; whether you want a glamorous cake or a humourous one. Many people these days are also opting for a cupcake cake, meaning that their guests can easily take a piece home.